Pueblo County: College Scholarships Funded By Marijuana Taxes Expected To Triple

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I was the first person in my family to go to college. That’s a fact that I don’t take lightly. My family worked extremely hard to be able to give me a shot at going to a university, and I am very proud that I was able to graduate. Having a college degree is not a requirement for a successful career, but it definitely helps. I would not trade my college experience for anything in the world.

With that in mind, I was extremely happy to read an article that was included in Tom Angell’s daily newsletter this morning which reported that a college scholarship fund that is funded by marijuana taxes in Pueblo County, Colorado is expected to grow significantly this year. Per KOAA:

The Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation administers the scholarships which are funded by 50 percent of the revenue collected under the excise tax levied on commercial cannabis growers.

During its inaugural year in 2016, the Foundation awarded 23 scholarships. Some 210 students receive $2,000 awards last year for a total payout of $420,000.

Pace said this year’s tax collections are on track to top $750,000, enough money to triple the number of awards.

This is outstanding news, and yet another example of how the cannabis industry is doing amazing things in Colorado. I tip my hat to all of the commercial growers in Pueblo County whose efforts are contributing to the fund, and to all of the students that will be receiving scholarships, some of which I would assume are first-generation college students. Go out and make everyone proud!

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