Prohibition, Prison, and Racism: As American as Apple Pie

marijuana under a electron microscope

Cannabis (activism) may cause headaches and ulcers due to stress and worry. This is the warning label that should be placed on dimebags.

I’m not a journalist; I’m a blogger, a writer, an American citizen who gives a fuck. We are god damn Americans, and this should count for something. Make Americans proud Again.

Don’t Let Political Parties or Agendas Distract YOU

Apologist for Trump will say Jeff Sessions on the President are separate entities, but by now we all know that’s not how this White House works. This is an administration of loyalty (which means Yes Man) or be fired.

Look, I’m not someone that is democrat or republican, hell I was one of those throwaway votes some call it, in the last election, but if I party wants to save America, they need to start with ending the drug war and not worrying about some god damn wall.

As an average everyday American citizen, I’m not concerned about a wall or ISIS; I don’t care if Israel is recognized or not, and not to be an ignorant dick but I don’t care about most things beyond my neighborhood, let alone country borders. Prohibition is America’s number one violation from making America great.

I was in college for Clinton and was more mad about ruining a week’s worth of broadcast television over a blowjob. I didn’t mind the Bush years 1 and 2, except for that Iraq invasion thing. I voted for Obama because he was black and hoped for real change but innocent people still sat behind bars when he left Office (I miss you, Obama). Innocent American citizens sit behind bars because the crime they have been found guilty of is not a crime but the byproduct of good marketing based off of racial stereotypes that still echo today, as seen in a recent statement by a Kansas Republican lawmaker who stated blacks are more prone to devious behavior due to drugs, seems like someone failed biology if you ask me.

Seems like the Atheist loves thy neighbor more than Christians Do or Shit Never Is Always As It Seems

I find it ironic that in this so-called Christian nation that has a war on Christmas is, it seems the atheist care more for their fellow man than the Christians do. We can’t arrest away the issues of society. There are many reasons to point out why the drug war is bad for Americans hence America. The drug war is a violation of your personal civil rights.

The cannabis activist (black, white, yellow, brown, red, magenta) should love thy neighbor, and that means supporting anyone arrested for a plant. Part of the reason cannabis hasn’t gone further is everyone is exhausted from fighting a fight that shouldn’t be fought from a common sense point but needs to be fought from a liberty standpoint.

Another Part of the reason cannabis is not legal is the lack of unity by we the people willing to end a series of bad practices like imprisoning, taking civil rights away, or asset forfeiture.

Many have seen unity in the cannabis community as a response to the recent DOJ action of rescinding the Cole Memo but this won’t last long. The cannabis industry has proven to be as cutthroat as any other, where people give no fucks about others while reaping rewards, this ain’t the drum circle you think it is.

The Opioid Immigrant ISIS Crisis

When I write about prohibition or reefer madness, I feel like I should be opening a bottle for a stiff drink, merely cause it seems like the world (America is presently my world) is either drunk or just don’t care which is worse.

We are under constant manipulation from political puppet masters, this shit needs to end, let’s start with prohibition. When a politician is asked if they think marijuana should be legal, the number one cop out is it’s a State’s issue, something Trump said while muttering about how he doesn’t like the reports coming from Colorado which probably means he saw something slanted on Fox and Friends and is afraid to commit to even just let the State’s work it out.

Trump mixes drugs and DACA talking about not getting the best people; the lottery system involves people wanting more in life not enemies of the state, what is more American than wanting more or better for your family. Just like the cannabis farmer, blogger, manufacturer, or anybody paying their bills off cannabis, the immigrant is just trying to make the world better. We can do better America, end prohibition.



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