Polls Show Marijuana Legalization Winning In Michigan, Losing In North Dakota

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Voters in Michigan and North Dakota will be deciding on cannabis legalization initiatives in just a matter of weeks. Election Day is November 6th, which is obviously right around the corner. New polling is out in both states (as featured in the Marijuana Moment newsletter), and there’s good news and bad news.

If you live in Michigan there’s good news – cannabis legalization has very strong support. What is important to point out with this poll is that it involved the exact language of the ballot initiative, versus just a generic question about legalization. The details matter. Per Click On Detroit:

By a margin of 62.0 percent-35.0 percent, voters support legalization with only 3.0 percent undecided.

45.7 percent strongly SUPPORT legalization while only 28.7 percent strongly oppose legalization.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news for cannabis legalization supporters in North Dakota. Per Valley News Live:

North Dakotans aren’t ready for recreational marijuana, according to the latest polling by Valley News Live. It’s measure number three on the upcoming November ballot. The survey, which was conducted by Strategic Research Associates of Austin, Texas shows that almost 59% are against recreational pot, 30% support it and 11% are undecided.

If you live In North Dakota, don’t get too down on the poll results and instead use it as motivation to get out and educate North Dakota voters about the harms of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis prohibition is a failed public policy, and that is true in North Dakota just as it is true everywhere else.

If you live in Michigan, don’t get complacent. Polling is favorable but the battle to end cannabis prohibition in Michigan won’t happen via polling. Voters have to mobilize on Election Day and push the initiative over the top. Get active!

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