Polls Show Majority Support For Marijuana Legalization In Minnesota And Kansas

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Years ago, it may have seemed far-fetched to think that a majority of adults in Minnesota would support cannabis legalization. It likely would have seemed an even bigger stretch to think that a majority of adults in Kansas would also support cannabis legalization.

However, that’s currently the case according to two recent polls that were featured in the Marijuana Moment newsletter. Minnesota elected some new lawmakers this week who are pro-cannabis reform, which puts it firmly in play for states that could legalize cannabis via legislative action in the near future.

According to a poll conducted by KSTP/SurveyUSA, which asked 1,000 state of Minnesota adults from Oct. 29, 2018 through Oct. 31, 2018 if they supported cannabis legalization, a healthy 56% of respondents stated that they support legalization. That’s compared to just 32% of respondents that supported prohibition. 12% of participants were undecided.

In Kansas, where a poll was conducted by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs Fort Hays State University, 52% of respondents stated that they “strongly support” or “somewhat support” legalizing cannabis for adult use. Only 39% of respondents stated that they “somewhat oppose” or “strongly oppose” legalization.

Kansas is behind Minnesota when it comes to cannabis policy, but the poll results are very encouraging. With Michigan having voted to legalize cannabis this week, making it the first state to do so in the Midwest, the entire region is closer to legalizing cannabis than many would have thought just a few years ago.

If you live in Minnesota or Kansas, make sure to support cannabis reform efforts. Band together with other advocates and put pressure on elected officials. By doing so you will help get your state on the right side of history!

Johnny Green
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