Police Brotality: Legalization Is About Judicial Priorities


Legalization is not just about me having a holistic option; whether that’s to treat physical aches and pains or the aches and pains of adulthood on a Friday night, cannabis is my safer choice unless you’re a cop.

Our law and order nation is stressed, justice can be bought, real criminals walk free or make plea agreements giving them more freedom than someone arrested by the misguided war on drugs. Correcting the war on drugs is one of the first steps for America and Americans to truly focus on the rights and wrongs in our nation. To fix the wrongs and to live right.

A video was posted on Reddit shows a young couple getting busted for hotboxing on a dead-end street, a place where youths will go to either poke or smoke (this is relevant when you watch the video) nationwide. In the video, you see the officer approaching the car with a flashlight, not a pistol drawn and peacefully interacts with the two kids.

Generally, I wouldn’t post this kind of thing, nothing good generally happens when police encounter people consuming cannabis, in fact, you could be witnessing the moment when someone’s life is ruined or ended (as in the case of Sandra Bland or Philando Castile) but at this moment a police brotality happens.

The kids are let go with the equivalent of a warning, and the vehicle was picked up by a friend. This still isn’t the reason why I’m talking about this video.

The Officer in question popped up in the comments, not only was he surprised that this footage was used vs. some disaster footage, he doubles down on how weed isn’t his priority, check out his initial comment as u/effthepolice33

I’m the cop. I ended up not writing him a ticket and his friend came and picked the car up because he was being compliant.

He signed a consent form so idk why he was still blurred. And no, I have never planted evidence, nor convinced anybody to sign a release form. I can’t speak for other departments, but everything we do is on our cameras so it would be career suicide, plus straight up wrong to do that. The crew deals with that, idgaf if I find something TV worthy or not, I’m just doing my job.

I don’t care about weed, as long as you’re not driving high. I technically could have charged him with DUI, but it’s a weak case since he wasn’t driving, and I’m not trying to destroy a life over a weak case. If he was rude and disrespectful, it could have gone different. But he was nice, so he just got his weed taken.

(If he was rude, the end result would have been the same, just the tactics and conversations would have changed. This was a pleasant encounter because he was so nice so I was able to have conversations with him for a while that wasn’t shown, I should have clarified that. I understand how you would interpret that language as me arresting him if he was rude, but I can assure you, I’ve dealt with rude people and the end result was that same.)

Later that night a tornado destroyed a house, and I’m honestly shocked they showed this instead of the cluster F. of the storm.

Bellingham BudFest

Along with the awesomeness above, I would like to report that Bellingham Budfest was an astounding success. To quote Stacy Bloch, one of the organizers of the event, “BPD (Bellingham Police Department) reports Zero calls. Zero Arrests. Zero Citations. Zero DUI. Their traffic Officers were a little bored.”

Stacy Bloch of Bellingham Budfest

Bellingham Budfest is another shining example of how cannabis consumers and law enforcement can get along.

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