PNW Rappers Got That Fire

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Many rappers are holding it down, coming from Oregon to Seattle, and I would like to share some of my favorites with you.

First up Jarv Dee

I’m sad when I learn about an artist has been putting out heater tracks from the beginning, and I missed them but then its also a happy event because there’s a whole new catalog for me to get into. Check out his Smoke 2 Much for his recent fire and his I Just Wanna track for another hit.

After you enjoy his vibes, check out his series with various guests B*TCH I’M HUNGRY, here’s his third episode with my friend and social media influencer Merrrica.

Gifted Gab

I love this lady, lyricist. I first came aware of here when she collabed with Blimes Brixton. Check out Gifted Gab’s latest video PSA, filled with weed porn and filmed in Seattle.



I’ve been wanting to share Aminé’s billboard for a while and now I finally have a chance. People are under the impression that the Northwest is some sort of liberal hippie paradise, I just like to say we have racism light up here. Check out BLACKJACK by Aminé.

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