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Farmer Tom

Not all pot stories are horror stories end in a raid, child abduction, or adult imprisonment. Some stories start with a raid and end in international branding, as long as you have the heart of a lion.

Farmer Tom has been a lifelong advocate for cannabis. From the beaches of Southern California, Tom and his wife fled to the country of Washington State, out of fear of prosecution from a raid they suffered. In 2002 they packed all their belongings and set roots in the Pacific Northwest.

I am fortunate enough to call Tom a friend, and it’s my pleasure to highlight Tom here. Many farmers claim to be the best but I know of only one federally recognized cannabis organic farmer (see the multi-agency report here), and that’s Farmer Tom Lauerman.

Today We Farm

Find The Farmer

Tom gets his branding roots from a time when medical cannabis was the law of the land. When there were farmer’s markets dedicated to cannabis, consumption was onsite, and the State of Washington paid the consumers of cannabis no mind. During these days Tom would pop up with his top-shelf organic cannabis in various markets, never the same one. Before social networking online there was social networking in person and Tom knew he provided quality cannabis for medical needs. People would seek Tom out and among Washingtonians who were part of the medical scene finding Farmer Tom was a game that ended with you getting quality cannabis from a quality guy.

Besides cannabis legalization, Tom is an advocate for cannabis education which is responsible business in an industry still considered “an experiment” after 20 years. Below is a video of Tom on The Cannabis Common Sense Show talking about one of his first opportunities to educate was to Government officials who based all their information about concentrate making from Youtube. As Tom expands his horizons “Find The Farmer” has taken on a different connotation. You can now find Tom traveling internationally, see the video below to hear him talk about how there’s a strain bearing his name in Spain. You also can find Tom teaching about cannabis at Clark County College, giving speeches for the freedom of cannabis, or living his mantra of “Today We Farm” and when you do, you’ll know he’s the real deal.

Tom is one of the growers whom I respect the most, not only does he walk the talk but his cannabis does say it all. Whenever I get to sit with Tom, he will break out a joint the size of a baby’s arm from his grow and share with those around him. Tom’s stash is the epitome of what craft cannabis, a fine wine if you will.

I encourage you to watch the video below to learn more about Tom or visit his website. I asked Tom if there was anything he would like to convey to the public and he told me this “The importance and respect of our past that we should all give something back. Pay it forward to the plant, before you take.”

Thanks for your time Tom and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.



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