Parents4Pot Holiday Drive

Parents4Pot P4P

Once again cannabis consumers, farmers, and decent people, in general, have gathered together to help children and families hurt by the war on a plant. Parents4Pot is doing their 5th-holiday drive. If you’re looking to fight the drug war this holiday season, you donate to Parents4Pot. Or if you don’t want to give to an organization, you can donate directly to the victims of the war on drugs via the Parents4Pot website which will take you directly to their Amazon wishlist with the story of what happened.

Parents4Pot is a nationwide organization, if you don’t have the funds but have the time see if there’s one in your state and maybe you can help by volunteering or attending many of the fundraisers like the one in Massachusetts on 11/25/2017. If you live near the Freetown state forest check out this Green Saturday Sesh

The joy you can bring to someone else’s life is immeasurable during this heartbreaking time when loved ones sit in jail for something people are sitting on yachts for in legal states. I’ve donated by directly buying things through Amazon, and I only wish I could have done more.

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