Oregonians, this 4/20 Support Businesses Helping Patients

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Oregon is currently a cannabis consumer’s paradise. Headline after headline recently has been informing folks that the cannabis industry is producing a lot of cannabis. A LOT. With the basic law of supply and demand, prices are very low for consumers. However, these low prices are still too expensive for patients on fixed incomes, especially oils and other products that they need for their severe and debilitating medical conditions. This 4/20 there will be events and specials all across Oregon. I hope that consumers that can afford to purchase cannabis choose to support businesses that are donating to patients in need. I’ll be promoting more and more of these businesses as I learn about them here at Weed News.

Natural Roots

I’ve written about Natural Roots before and you can read Johnny Green’s review of Natural Roots Jack’s Grape vape cartridges for an unvarnished, unpaid endorsement. You can try them out yourself relatively inexpensively. If you get yourself to the Green Front in Portland, you can purchase them for $16.80 tax included, or for $14.00 if you are an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patient or caregiver.

In addition to the Green Front, Natural Roots products can also be found in Portland at all three Cannabliss locations, GroHi Station, both Deanz Greenz locations and at TJ’s Organic Provisions. In Eugene, their products can be found at the Cannabliss Sorority House and Flowr of Lyfe. You can also acquire Natural Roots vape cartridges in Springfield at Cannabliss and on April 23rd, the Redbarn in Myrtle Creek will start carrying their products as well.

Natural Roots will be holding “pop-up” events today to celebrate 4/20 at the Cannabliss Fire Station in Portland from 10am-11am, Deanz Greenz on Foster from 12pm-3pm, Cannabliss Sorority House in Eugene from 1pm-3pm, and at the Cannabliss Main Street Springfield location from 3pm-5pm. These vendor pop-up events are a great opportunity to have your questions answered by the source and the vendors can let you know about the farms they work with and their unique process.

Next week, adults over the age of 21 will be able to sample Natural Roots products legally shared by other adults out of public view in private locations outside of several dispensaries. On April 24th, Natural Roots adult consumers can sample products at locations near Marijuana Paradise at noon, Amberlight Cannabis House at 1pm, and Kaleafa in Oregon City at 2pm. On the 25th, adults can try products near Kaleafa in Beaverton at 10am and Gras Cannabis at 2pm. More locations will be announced soon.

Flowr of Lyfe

Not only does the Flowr of Lyfe carry Natural Roots products and donates their cartridges to patients, but they also donate other items to patients in need as well. I know the folks that run the shop, Morgan and Lisa, and they truly care for patients. You should definitely support this small Oregon business working hard to survive and thrive in this super competitive market. State regulators told Flowr of Lyfe that they were the first dispensary to ask how they could donate free medicine to patients (it’s really easy as the medicine just has to be recorded as a $0 “sale” to a patient; discounts are allowed as well).

While currently donating to patients whenever they can, the Flowr of Lyfe team is joining up with Natural Roots and Genesis Pharms to establish a regular patient donation program twice a month. Today, everything will be 25% off and there will be swag bags given away to the first 42 customers spending $30 or more.

Lisa had this to say about their mission to help patients, “Hopefully, we’re just the first in a long line of industry folks interested in helping patients and creating an avenue for information on how the medicine works, who it’s helped, and the future of cannabis medicine in the recreational world, and why it is important that we don’t lose sight of the medicinal qualities of the whole plant medicine.”


Joining Flowr of Lyfe in donating to patients was Portland’s Panacea. I know the owner Melissa and can attest that she is a small business owner who wants to give back to the community, which is the reason that Panacea was formed in the first place. I’ve witnessed Panacea donate medicine firsthand and they informed me that, “We get our donations from generous suppliers, and have gotten very positive receptions from both sides.  We have gotten flower and edibles so far, with over 10 different farms and manufactures donating. We have gotten some nice high CBD from EastFork Cultivars, including the Old School, which was 6% THC and 8.7% CBD.  Some nice high THC strains we have had were Cherry OG from Nelson and Company, Voyager from 7 Points, Pink Lotus from Indigo Gardens, and Snow Leopard from Fire Flower.  Patients with valid OMMP cards can come in and pick up a donation of one eighth or another donation (candy bar, activated olive oil among some of the edibles we have had).  We also try to have a nice supply of CBD rich cannabis-based products for patients and people who are looking for relief with minimal psychoactive effects.”

Critical Source

Critical Source started a program that donated to patients in need earlier this year. I know Critical Source CEO Kenan and we have some interesting and enlightening political debates, and while we don’t agree on everything, we do agree that patients in need should be helped by the cannabis industry. Kenan is passionate about the plant and about forming an industry that allows small businesses to take care of patients. This is a company definitely worthy of your support. Critical Source CO2 cartridges can be found at many dispensaries around the state including Flowr of Lyfe, the Greener Side, Farma, Green Valley Wellness and SkunkRX.

Legal Cannabis Is Great But We Can Do Better

The Oregon cannabis community has a lot to be proud of as we have helped lead the way to further our fight for freedom across the nation, and even the globe. Without Oregon, and the other pioneering states, we would not have seen such great progress. Thanks to legalization, we have seen the number of arrests and citations for cannabis and other drugs plummet, while thousands of jobs have been created and millions of dollars in new tax revenue generated. Access to legal cannabis has helped improve and save lives, but we can, and must do better.

Too many patients are without medicine and too many small businesses and farmers are struggling and going out of business. As Oregonians, we have an opportunity to shape the cannabis industry in our image, we don’t have to allow for a big corporate takeover of cannabis. We need to speak with our hard-earned dollars and help the businesses that are working to help patients and develop a caring, compassionate craft industry. I urge you to support companies like Natural Roots, Flowr of Lyfe, Panacea, and Critical Source on 4/20 and everyday. Let’s be the change we want to see as dedicated people working together can make a huge difference. Happy 4/20 everybody! Please, as always, use responsibly.

This list in no way includes all of the Oregon cannabis businesses helping patients. I’ll continue doing a series of these blogs to help promote those giving back to those in need. If you know of a business donating to patients or represent a business that would like to work with one of these businesses, please contact me at anthonyj1977{at}gmail.com as I would like to promote any business that wants to help patients. 



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