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Oregon has legalized cannabis and has made great strides on many criminal justice reforms in recent years. However, our work is not done. Below is an email that I just had the pleasure sending out on behalf of New Approach Oregon, the political action committee responsible for Oregon’s cannabis legalization campaign.

This May 15th election (TOMORROW), Oregon, voters have the opportunity to elect a state labor commissioner, a Portland City Council member, a state senator, and a district attorney that support sensible cannabis and criminal justice policies. We have made such great progress in Oregon, but there is so much more to do and we need allies elected to positions across our great state.

This election looks like a relatively low turnout election, so your vote can make a huge difference. You must get your ballots in by 8:00pm on Tuesday (TOMORROW!) May 15th. FIND YOUR DROPBOX HERE.

Vote for Val Hoyle to be Oregon’s Next Labor Commissioner

Val Hoyle, who supports legal cannabis, is the best choice this year, as her primary opponent, Lou Ogden, has a history of opposing even safe access to medical cannabis.

We join The Oregonian, the Willamette Week, the Portland Mercury, the Eugene Weekly, the East Oregonian, the Democratic Party of Oregon Labor Caucus, SEIU, the Oregon Education Association, the Oregon Nurses Association, the Sierra Club, and a whole host of other great publications and organizations in endorsing Val to this important statewide office.

Vote for Shemia Fagan for State Senate, District 24 

Oregon Democrats have the opportunity to replace an anti-cannabis state senator with a Shemia Fagan, who supports sensible cannabis laws and defending the will of Oregon voters. Fagan, in addition to her progressive positions on cannabis, has the experience and talent to be a great State Senator for the cannabis community and the constituents of District 24. Her opponent, Rod Monroe even voted to deny patients’ safe access to medical cannabis.

We join Former Senate Majority Leader Dian Rosenbaum, Representative Rob Nosse, Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, SEIU, Oregon AFSCME, the Oregon Education Association, the Sierra Club, and many other great supporters in endorsing Shemia to represent Oregon Senate District 24. Oregon NORML has given Shemia an A+ on cannabis issues. Let’s replace Drug War dinosaur with a progressive that is smart on crime.

Vote for Jo Ann Hardesty for Portland City Council 

If you are a Portland resident, please cast your vote for Jo Ann Hardesty to fill the Position 3 City Council seat being vacated by the retiring Dan Saltzman. Hardesty has been a leader on sensible criminal justice reforms and is someone that the cannabis community could really use on the Portland City Council as she, along with an A+ rating from Oregon NORML, has demonstrated that she understands the terrible consequences of the failed, harmful, and racist War on Cannabis.

We are joining the Willamette WeekPortland, MercuryThe OregonianThe Skanner, the Portland Association of Teachers, Bernie PDX, the Independent Party of Oregon, the Progressive Party of Oregon, and many others in endorsing this exciting, and supremely-qualified candidate. Here’s what The Skanner had to say about Jo Ann:

A former state representative, she brings legislative experience to the city council, as well as a lifelong commitment to equity and justice. Over the last15 years she has shown herself to be a tireless grassroots community organizer and advocate.

Working on the Department of Justice settlement with the City of Portland Police department, Hardesty used the courts to push for police accountability. She also is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing the NAACP back as a force in Portland. Jo Ann is the right woman for the job. She will hold her own on the city council, work well with other commissioners and insist on fairness, accountability, and good government.

Vote for Max Wall for Washington County District Attorney

Max Wall, with over 13 years in criminal practice, with 8 years working as a county prosecutor, has the experience necessary to be a supremely effective district attorney fighting for every resident of Washington County. With the knowledge that it is imperative to implement sensible smart-on-crime policies, Wall is the right person for the job to lead the District Attorney’s office forward.

If elected Washington County District Attorney, Max Wall will:

  • Focus on prosecuting serious crimes for safer communities, instead of wasting taxpayer money incarcerating low-level offenders who need treatment, not prison
  • Promote crime prevention and get at-risk youth back on track
  • Seek alternatives to incarceration for first-time nonviolent offenders who take responsibility for their actions, and people with mental illness, so they don’t end up in and out of prison
  • Better support crime victims so they can rebuild their lives
  • Protect children caught in the system because their parents are offenders
  • Keep us safe, with sharp eyes on cost and taxpayer money

We are joining the Criminal Justice League, the Oregon Working Families Party, the Safety and Justice Action Fund, UFCW Local 555, Washington County Democrats and many more strong supporters in endorsing the smart-on-crime Max Wall.

Remember, get your ballots in by 8pm on Tuesday, May 15th!

I led off our most recent Let’s Hash It Out podcast with a plea for Oregonians to vote for the right candidates this May 15th election, before we dug deep into the latest news scandals engulfing the Trump Administration:

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