Oregon: Vote For Empower For ‘Best Cannabis Topical’

empower bodycare

My favorite topical cannabis company is and has been for a long time Empower BodyCare. Empower’s products are second to none and I have seen their company owner advocate for cannabis on a level that I have rarely seen out of a cannabis company.

In an industry that is getting increasingly saturated with greedy opportunists Empower is absolutely one of the good cannabis companies out there. You can purchase their products with extreme confidence. Whenever anyone asks me which topical company to look for at dispensaries (and beyond!) I ALWAYS tell them to look for Empower.

Empower has been nominated for a ‘Best of Portland’ award by Willamette Week. Voting goes through June 15th. If you support cannabis companies that walk the walk of cannabis reform then please join me in voting for Empower for ‘Best Cannabis Topical.’ You can do so at this link here.

About Empower BodyCare:

Founded in 2013, Empower BodyCare provides the highest quality topical products on the market. The company’s founder, Trista Okel, began working on their flagship product, Empower® Topical Relief Oil, in 2004 to help her mother, who suffers from severe chronic pain. After 8 years of extensive research and development, Okel released the product into medical dispensaries in Oregon and Washington states. Since then, Empower has become Oregon’s #1 topical company, winning numerous awards and accolades for stellar formulations and providing relief to thousands of Oregonians. Empower stands for social justice, ethical and sustainable sourcing, and always using the highest quality ingredients in our products. They only partner with companies who are dedicated to the same values-integrity, quality, sustainability, and ethically sourced ingredients. You can find out more about Empower at: https://www.empowerbodycare.com.

Johnny Green
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