Oregon: OLCC Temporarily Suspends Hemp Certificate Program

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Today the Oregon Liquor Control Commission temporarily stopped issuing hemp processing certificates to Oregon Department of Agriculture registered hemp growers and hemp handlers. Oregon House Bill 4089, which took effect today, changes the way hemp items will enter the OLCC regulated marijuana system.

The temporary suspension is because HB 4089 requires the OLCC to create and implement new rules for regulating hemp. All applications received prior to today have been processed; if the application met the criteria, the OLCC issued a hemp certificate. Any future application received by the OLCC will be returned to the sender until the new rules are in place.

ODA registered hemp growers and handlers that have already received an OLCC hemp certificate may still transfer raw hemp, hemp concentrates or hemp extracts to OLCC licensed
processors that have a hemp endorsement. OLCC licensed marijuana processors can continue to apply for a hemp endorsement to add to their processor license.

Some of the changes as a result of HB 4089 that will be discussed in rulemaking include:

  • The rules and process for ODA registered hemp growers and handlers, with an OLCC hemp certificate, to transfer hemp, hemp commodities and/or hemp products to OLCC licensed processors, wholesalers and retailers.
  • All ODA registrants with an OLCC hemp certificate, including current certificate holders, will receive information on their requirement to register for a Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) account.
  • The rules and process for an OLCC hemp certificate holder, prior to the transfer of a hemp item, entering the hemp item into CTS and ensuring that appropriate tests are
    performed. Only hemp items being transferred into the OLCC system will be entered into CTS.

The Commission will begin rulemaking to implement HB 4089 in the near future. Once rulemaking is completed the OLCC will begin approving hemp certificates according to the new law and new rules.

Source: Oregon Liquor Control Commission press release from April 13, 2018

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