Opioids and the Coming 132 Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry: A Lawyer’s Perspective

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Lawyer and longtime cannabis activist Thomas Howard is back with another instalment of his perception of the up and coming cannabis industry with witty banter and insight. The following is a summary of his video along with the video. After you read the review or watch his video, I added another video that reinforces his point where a BuzzFeed producer decided to take cannabis to treat her chronic pain.

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Now, you may be asking yourself who that schmo is wearing a suit and sitting in his home office before work one day.  Well, that’s cool.  It means you’re sceptical.  Great.  If you want to know more about me, just Google “Tom Howard marijuana” or “Tom Howard opioids”.

I got a pretty simple mission, to make sure that the cannabis industry grows into a completely legal sector all across the globe – it may take a minute.  So tune in each week.  And check out the recaps here.

Here’s the takeaway of why cannabis can grow into a humongous business by taking away market share from opioid-based painkillers.


  1. Cannabis can help dent the 60 plus billion dollar pain management market.
  2. Cannabis is not nearly as addictive as opioids at all
  3. Cannabis does not cause overdose-related deaths
  4. Cannabis has way few harmful side effects than opioids.
  5. Reduction in rates of opioid addiction


  1. The rich jerks addicting us to painkillers will suffer financially?
  2. Jazz music may suffer because “no junk – no soul”/
  3. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III will cry into his pillow at night because there will be more bad people using marijuana instead of good pharmaceutical grade opioids??
  4. These are all jokes, and bad ones because people are dying, but I think you should still address the other side of the issue — even if there isn’t one.

I do not think there is any downside to using cannabis for treating pain BEFORE prescribing opioid-based pain management drugs.  I do not feel cannabis will completely replace opioid drugs, but the point of it is to reduce rates of addiction and accidental overdose deaths.

Currently, tens of thousands of Americans are dying from opioids, and the studies were done in states where marijuana is available to treat pain have all seen reduction in rates of opioid-related deaths.  It’s time for doctors to have a safer alternative to the management of pain.

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