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Why Is It Easier To Incarcerate Than It Is To Liberate?

We are here not because of the efforts of one person but those of many, not because of the work of one group but because of them all. Many forces join together when there is one true truth: Marijuana is not a crime, it’s a plant.

Being one who is jaded by politics and the process, it’s nice when I hear someone who is as skeptical talk with optimism which recently happened when listening to the Daily Dope’s Brandon Strong talking about the Federal lawsuit involving Alexis Bortell, Marvin Washington, Jose Belen, Jagger Cotte, and the Cannabis Cultural Association Inc.. The fact that this case has been federally recognized is a pretty big fucking deal which was nicely laid out by Brando. He points out that a significant component of this case is Alexis’s right to defend her side while maintaining a reasonable quality life while traveling as a patient. Initially, I underestimated the importance of this case simply due to past experiences of things cannabis related in the courts, as in the case of Lance Gloor’s appeal for freedom. Check out this episode of the The Daily Dope and hear her father’s interview with DC420LA.

Besides nationally there are those international efforts. As in the case of Amy Case King and a group known as FAAAT that spent time in Europe trying to suede the World Health Organization into changing its policy recommendations. W.H.O decide not to enforce the rescheduling of cannabis instead the statement was “WHO regrets to inform you that they need more time to process their cannabis work before making a recommendation about scheduling.” As eloquently said in this Cannabis News Network video “How much god damn time do they need?”, the plant has been studied since 1964 when Raphael Mechoulam discovered THC, and that’s not including being holistically used by our ancestors since the beginning of time.

Slowly, prohibition is being chipped away at day by day, State by State, yet reefer madness politicians fight the will of the people by trying to reword (Utah) or reamended (Michigan) the law the people agreed on, this is not democracy or progress for We The People. When will politicians learn to accept the people’s choice, instead of making it a political scheme as in the case of Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

There’s one more assault on prohibition that I am quite familiar with, and it’s not the changing of policy but that of hope, one I call the personal front. Since Lowell Eggemeier people have seen the injustice and decided to take a stand, some are grand; others go unnoticed. We all know about NORML, but they aren’t the only one making a difference let me introduce you to a bunch of people who give a fuck who are making a difference.

First, there’s The Human Solution International, a 501C3 non-profit who promote jury nullification, court support, as a means to an end of prohibition. The group was started by Joe Grumbine who while facing incarceration for his garden.

Next is Freedom Grow. I’ve written about this beautiful group before started by Drug War Veterans Stephanie Landa and Dina Browner a.k.a Dr.Dina. What Freedom Grow does is raise funds for people locked up for cannabis and helps support them in their time of need while behind bars, everything from e-mail to toothpaste costs behind bars.

Next is Voices Of The Cannabis War. This wonderful group was started by Kristin Flor and Mindi Hall. Together the two make the world VOW to help end prohibition by raising awareness of those locked behind bars like quadriplegic Michael Pelletier.

A website to be aware of is POW420. This website was started by Adela Falk “to empower, educate, and disseminate information about people incarcerated; as a result fo cannabis laws.” Being a one-woman show the site is hard to maintain, but there’s a large amount of prisoners to choose from and contact if you like to make someone feel human again.

One of my favorite charities is Parents4Pot. These amazing people help the little drug war victims in the war on families, the children. Besides the little ones, they try to rally around a family if it finds itself in need while a provider serves time for an archaic crime.

Its only a matter of time that all these groups slowly disolve and become irrelvant and its for that day I can not wait.

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