Oil Tycoon Concentrates: Washington State Extract Specialist

Oil Tycoon Concentrates
Oil Tycoon Concentrates

By Timothy Edwards

Dave Preston
Dave Preston

Talking With “Flavor” Dave of Oil Tycoon

Oil Tycoon Concentrates has been a leading brand in the Washington I-502 recreational cannabis market since 2015. Founded and run by, Dave Preston and Tyson Dobson, they met each other in 2013, when Preston was hired to install, sand, stain and finish Dobson’s hardwood floors.

“I was working for a hardwood floor company, and he was remodeling a new home they were about to move into. As soon as I walked in I could smell the dankness.” said Preston. After catching wind that Dobson was involved in medical marijuana, the two started a friendship that led to the development of Oil Tycoon Concentrates. “We also own Washington packaging and processing (WAPAP), soon to be called “the total package.”

From flower to concentrates, Oil tycoon offers a wide variety for the consumer to choose from, and it is all fire! Everything from full flower joints, trim joints, multiple strains of flower to choose from, BHO, 15 flavors of live resin, distillate, Cartridges, and every infused line you can think of, including THC-A.

A staple strain is their sour tsunami, which is a CBD 10 to 1. “Sour tsunami is one of our strain specific CBD. 77 to 7 are the numbers,” said Preston. Their newest brand of cartridge called, “Entourage” is available.

“We also carry a Moonrock like product on steroids called meteorite,” said Preston. Instead of being made of distillate and kief, it is made with live resin rolled in THC-A. It is a full 1 gram testing at 48 to 53% THC based off of the product at the time.

Slab of happiness
Slab of happiness

Oil Tycoon continues to pave the way with some of the best product on the Washington market. They have something for everyone, and the quality of their concentrates will amaze any oil head. “We are tremendously excited to carry-on in this cannabis community with integrity and most of all quality,” said Preston. You can find their product in close to 70 stores around Washington state.

If you’re in Washington State on May 10th, come to Buckley to meet the author and Oil Tycoon for a meet and greet slash birthday celebration. Follow Oil Tycoon online to learn more about their upcoming products.

For more information on you can visit their website www.oiltycoonconcentrates.com
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