Nothing Odd about The Odd Squad Family

The Odd Squad Family

Tell me if you’ve heard this before, a black guy, an albino, and a midget (not really, he’s just missing his the rest of his arms and legs) walk into a bar, what do you get? The answer is the three baddest motherfuckers in underground hip-hop right now. If you like smoking to smooth rhymes and beats then you’re gonna love The Odd Squad FamilyThree dudes who have overcome the odds to create a brotherhood, a family.

By now you’ve seen the memes and short clips of N.U.B.S rolling joints but did you know he spits mad rhymes, along with the rest of his crew A-Factor, Snowman, and R.I.P Frosty? If you support the underground scene check out their Youtube Channel that consists of high-quality sounds and videos, find them on Itunes or in whatever way you listen to music.

I’ve reached out to The Odd Squad Family via Facebook and hope to follow-up this write-up with an interview with questions like; How did the group meet? Who does the beats? What is Only Dreamers on YouTube?

Until then, here’s my favorite track of theirs so far “Why You Worried”.

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