Not Only Is Tommy Chong Still Alive, You Can Party With Him In Vancouver!

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There was a rumor going around social media today that Tommy Chong died. This is not the first time this type of rumor went around about Mr. Chong. In fact, I once was lucky enough to talk to Tommy Chong on the phone for an interview, and he brought up the hoax that he was dead. He said that if he was dead, people would know because all of a sudden there would be a lot more marijuana around. Funny guy!

I’m happy to confirm that not only is Tommy Chong alive, but that he will be at the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), which is the only international conference that blends cannabis advocacy and industry together that I have ever heard of. Past speakers at the event included California politician Dana Rohrbacher, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.

This will be the first ICBC outside of the United States, taking place in Vancouver, B.C. October 13-14 at the Vancouver Hyatt. Industry leader Brendan Kennedy will be giving a keynote speech, and my main man Aaron Smith from the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will also be speaking at the event. And of course, Chong will be there too. He has been doing a question and answer session with long time marijuana writer Steve Bloom. I got to sit in on a past session at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, and it was one of the most entertaining things that I have ever witnessed, no joke.

Chong signed autographs and partied with VIP guests at that event. I know because I got my Chong Bong autographed there, which has been a bucket list item for me for so many years I lost track. Chong is a legend, and a national treasure, and I can confirm that he is very much alive and very much planning on attending the event. He told me on the phone in my past interview that he loves people bringing him cannabis, so I say do as you must! You can find out more about the event at this link here. A ton of my friends are going to be there. Join good people, learn, and party with Chong!

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