New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Illinois Voters Support Marijuana Legalization

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I received the following good-news message out of Illinois yesterday:

Southern Illinois University’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute issued another key poll, and support for legalizing cannabis and treating it like alcohol remains strong. Two-thirds of adult voters across the state support legalizing cannabis for adults 21 and over and treating it similarly to alcohol. Check out the poll results here.

The continued support comes at an important time. Voters in Cook County will have the chance to weigh in on Primary Day, March 20, when they can vote in support of a county resolution asking lawmakers in Springfield to support an end to marijuana prohibition. And lawmakers in the Senate recently passed a measure that would place a non-binding question on legalization before voters in November of this year.

Support in Illinois is no surprise. National polls now regularly show strong support among adults, including the most recent poll, which showed over 60% support nationally. The tide has shifted, and the benefits of a regulatory approach are clear. Legalization means better control over the cannabis trade, better use of law enforcement resources, and more revenue for key state programs.

Illinoisans are making their opinions known and lawmakers are taking note!

Please forward this message to your network and help spread the word.

Thank you,

Coalition for a Safer Illinois

Johnny Green
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