New Poll Shows Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization At 52% Support

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A poll, the results of which were released in July, found that 51 percent of poll participants planned on voting against marijuana legalization in Massachusetts in November. Massachusetts is one of five states that are voting on recreational legalization this election cycle. The poll found that only 41 percent of poll participants planned on voting ‘yes’ on Question 4 at that time. Polling was more favorable at that time in the other four states that were voting on legalization, with Arizona being the second lowest in support behind Massachusetts.

I’m happy to say that things seem to be turning around. A new poll, the results of which were released earlier this week, found that the numbers basically reversed. Per Western New England University:

52 percent of likely voters said they support legalizing the use of marijuana by individuals ages 21 and older, while 42 percent said they were opposed. Among the larger sample of registered voters, 55 percent said they support legalization, while 39 percent were opposed.

The latest Polling Institute survey found that voter sentiment on marijuana legalization for individuals ages 21 and older is divided along traditional demographic lines of age, partisanship and gender. Among voters ages 18 to 39, 81 percent said they would support legalization, with 12 percent opposed and seven percent undecided. Support was significantly lower among older age groups, with only 38 percent of likely voters 65 and older saying they support legalization and 54 percent opposed.

I find the likely voter versus registered voter to be quite interesting. The math clearly shows that if everyone voted, marijuana legalization in Massachusetts would have a better chance of passing. So make sure to tell everyone that you know that is registered to vote to make their vote count on Election Day 2016. The last day to register to vote in Massachusetts is Wednesday October 19th in order vote in this election. Every vote is needed! You can find the Massachusetts Online Voter Registration at this link here.

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