New Jersey: Marijuana Legalization Bills Introduced At The Start Of The Legislative Session

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Vermont appears to be on track to legalize marijuana by Monday, with Vermont’s Governor indicating that he will sign the bill that was sent to him, albeit in private. New Jersey will then become the focus of marijuana legalization advocates. New Jersey’s incoming Governor Phil Murphy stated that he wants to see marijuana legalization become a reality in his state in the next roughly three months.

But it will take more than just the wishes of New Jersey’s Governor to make it happen. New Jersey’s Legislature has to step up first, and it’s far from a guarantee to happen. If you live in New Jersey, contact your legislators and urge them to support marijuana legalization via the action tool that can be found below which was part of an action alert that I received yesterday:

New Jersey lawmakers are just beginning their 2018 session, but marijuana legalization is already on their minds! Sen. Nicholas Scutari and Asm. Reed Gusciora, who have been leaders on this issue, have reintroduced SB 830 / AB 1348, which would tax and regulate marijuana for adults 21 and over. Please contact your lawmakers and ask them to support this sensible policy that would help keep people out of the criminal justice system, improve public safety, and raise millions in tax revenue. 

In addition to these bills, Asm. Reed Gusciora has indicated that he plans to introduce a different legalization bill, which unlike Sen. Scutari’s bill would allow home cultivation but put a cap on the number of retail stores in the state. In addition, Gov. Phil Murphy has repeatedly said he supports legalization and will make it a priority for his administration. We expect that there will be extensive debate over the details of how New Jersey legalizes marijuana, and MPP will be there working to ensure that the final bill protects marijuana consumers and helps repair the damage caused by prohibition.

While these are exciting developments, there are no guarantees in politics, and unfortunately the opposition is already using misinformation and scare tactics to try and block progress. In order to make sure New Jersey moves forward, your lawmakers need to hear from you in support of adult use!

Thank you for taking action,

Kate Bell
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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