Nevada’s Largest Labor Union Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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The Coalition to Regulation Marijuana Like Alcohol announced today that Question 2, which would regulate the production and sale of marijuana in Nevada, has been endorsed by the state’s largest labor union – Culinary Workers Union Local 226, which represents more than 57,000 workers.

“We are excited and proud to have the support of the Culinary Union,” said Joe Brezny, spokesperson for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. “Their support demonstrates that the working people of Nevada want to take marijuana out of the criminal market and shift production and sales into regulated, tax-paying businesses. Some powerful individuals and groups are attempting to scare Nevadans into keeping marijuana prohibition in place. The people who care about good jobs, safer communities, and money for schools believe that voting Yes on Question 2 to regulate marijuana is the far more sensible choice.”

Numerous elected officials expressed enthusiasm about this significant endorsement.

Quote from State Senator Aaron Ford:

“This endorsement underscores one of the key benefits of regulating marijuana. The passage ofQuestion 2 will take the production and sale out of the underground market and create thousands of good paying jobs for Nevadans. It will be a tremendous benefit to our state to eliminate a significant portion of the criminal drug trade while providing significant tax revenue to our state. For jobs, for revenue, and for public safety, I am proudly supporting Question 2.”

Quote from State Senator Tick Segerblom:

“This is an exciting day for the workers of Nevada. The Culinary Union is standing strong to say that marijuana prohibition is a failed policy that is detrimental tolives of Nevadans. Many of the workers represented by Local 226 have seen how the illegal sale of marijuana has harmed their communities. I look forward to working with them to build a legal cannabis industry that is good for workers, good for consumers, and good for Nevada.”

Quote from State Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton:

“As a former member of the Culinary Union myself, I am proud to see that they have endorsed Question 2. We all know that marijuana prohibition is a failed policy. It places the marijuana market in the hands of criminals, making our streets less safe, yet has not prevented anyone from acquiring marijuana if they want it. We will be better off if we regulate marijuana like alcohol. I hope that all members of the Culinary Union will take this endorsement to heart and cast their votes in favor of more sensible marijuana policies for Nevada.”

Quote from State Assemblyman Nelson Araujo:

“I see the Culinary Union endorsement of Question 2 as an important step forward for working families in Nevada. They are conveying the desire of working families who believe that our current marijuana laws are not working. By ending the prohibition on marijuana and regulating it appropriately, we can help end the cycle of non-violent young offenders going to jail instead of college. I stand with Culinary in supporting Question 2.”

For a full list of endorsements of Question 2, please visit:

Source: Nevada campaign press release

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