Nevada Marijuana Legalization Campaign Launches New TV Ad In English And Spanish

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The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol unveiled a new television ad in support of Question 2 on Tuesday. The ad — which can be viewed below — is part of an online, digital, print, and billboard campaign aimed at encouraging voters to help parents make communities safer and keep marijuana out of the hands of teens through regulation. Featuring Claudia Noriega-Bernstein, a Nevada mother of five, the ad will appear on English and Spanish-language television stations in the Las Vegas and Reno markets.

The following is a transcript of the English version of the ad:

“Living in Nevada is great, but as a mom, I worry about my kids, especially when they are out there in the world. We hear about it all the time – drug dealers selling on the streets. It’s dangerous, for our kids and our families. Voting Yes on 2 to regulate and tax marijuana for adults means stricter control and fewer drugs on the streets. We know it works. In other states, the police spend their time fighting serious and violent crime. It’s Nevada’s turn. Vote Yes on 2.”

Statement from Joe Brezny, a spokesperson for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol:

“Our opponents are attempting to scare Nevadans into opposing Question 2. What our opponents would like the public to forget is that our current system poses the greatest danger to our communities. We currently have criminals profiting from selling marijuana on streets to people of all ages. They draw teens in with marijuana and offer them other drugs. We need to take marijuana out of the criminal market and place it in regulated stores that are prohibited from selling to minors. Regulating marijuana will make Nevada communities safer.”

Source: Nevada campaign press release

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