Nevada Is One Step Closer To Allowing Marijuana Clubs And Event Consumption

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I was very hopeful that Oregon would become home to the first social consumption reform in America. There are social consumption venues all over Oregon, and while they are technically operating in violation of Oregon law, I have always felt that they should have exceptions made similar to exceptions made for cigar and vapor lounges. Denver is technically the first place in America to approve social consumption reform. An effort to make that policy Colorado-wide appears to have failed this year. Oregon’s effort via SB 307 is still alive, but unless there’s action, it too will die.

Nevada moved one step closer to becoming the first state to pass social consumption at the state level, which makes sense given the amount of tourists that visit Nevada every year. Per Review Journal:

As marijuana states back off of social marijuana use for fear of inciting a federal crackdown, Nevada is bucking the trend and pushing ahead with pot clubs.

Senate Bill 236, which would let local governments permit marijuana social clubs and other forms of public use currently outlawed, took one step closer to becoming law Tuesday. The bill passed with a 12-9 vote on Tuesday, and it now goes to the Assembly. On Monday, Clark County’s marijuana advisory panel finalized recommendations for for county commissioners that detail how marijuana lounges in Southern Nevada could work.

Social consumption reform is good for many reasons. Tourists and even some locals have a hard time finding a suitable place to consume legal marijuana. Marijuana opponents do not want to see cannabis being consumed in public, and responsible marijuana users would rather be in a better setting than a back alley anyways. Social consumption reform will not lead to increased DUIIs, and it will not lead to any increased need for law enforcement resources at events where cannabis consumption is allowed. Cannabis consumption has been going on for decades at events, and has never been the source of any major issues. Allowing it to occur would result in an even smoother situation.

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