Netflix Show ‘Disjointed’ Has Been Canceled

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I would like to make it clear that there are three things that I am a huge fan of. The first is cannabis, which should be obvious by now. The second is the show ‘Big Bang Theory’ (and with it ‘Young Sheldon’). The third is Kathy Bates. I adore Kathy Bates and have for as long as I can remember.

With that in mind, you can only imagine how happy I was to hear that Netflix was going to launch a new cannabis show called ‘Disjointed’ that would feature Kathy Bates and be directed by Chuck Lorre. It had all the makings to be something epic, and it was a huge opportunity for the show to not only entertain, but also to educate.

Sadly, I did not make it through even one full episode. The show featured virtually every negative cliche in the book, and while I get that the show was designed to make people laugh, I expected the comedy to be coupled with some serious education and insight into how the cannabis world really is. To be fair, the cast did have some funny moments that I saw, but the storylines did a huge disservice to the cannabis movement.

The show seemed like it was created decades ago, and is not realistic and is not an accurate portrayal of what the cannabis industry is really like, and that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was how it portrayed cannabis movement leaders Steve DeAngelo and Jack Herer and how it failed to show what activism is really about. Full disclosure – I refuse to watch the episodes featuring the parodies of these two cannabis leaders and base my opinions off of media coverage and social media commentary about the episodes and portrayals.

I follow Steve on Twitter (and consider him to be a friend and was quoted in his amazing book), and he was initially a good sport about his portrayal via the show’s spoof character ‘Angelo DeStevens.’ However, after the show dedicated more screen time to the character and parodied Steve in a way that was downright false and disrespectful, Steve became critical of the show, and rightfully so in my opinion. Steve DeAngelo has done so much to help the cannabis reform movement, and to paint him as being anything short of a freedom fighter is ridiculous and shameful.

The show also portrayed Jack Herer, one of the greatest cannabis activist of all-time, in a way that was not only disrespectful to Jack Herer, but also to his family. Below is what Candid Chronicle had to say about it:

Members of the Disjointed staff with no Herer family permission had decided to “spoof” on the funeral of Jack Herer with their character Jack Heron under the guise of honoring Jack’s memory. Their depiction of Jack Heron was also as a community leader but adding that he is a chronic adulterer with many woman speaking out at his funeral with an insensitive apology to the wife of the character while everyone laughs and makes jokes.

Dan Herer, Jack’s son, was quoted in the Candid Chronicle article as saying that the portrayal of his dad ‘missed the mark by miles’ and that Dan felt that the show does a ‘disservice to everyone who has spent their lives to change the understanding of cannabis.’ The show claimed to want to honor Jack Herer via the portrayal, but clearly, that didn’t happen. Not even close.

Today news broke that the show was canceled, and that was welcomed news by most members of the cannabis community from what I could tell on social media and from talking to friends in the cannabis movement. That’s not to say that the show was not enjoyed by some members of the cannabis community because I do know of a handful of cannabis enthusiasts that liked the show. But for the most part, the show’s cancelation has been celebrated in the cannabis community from what I have seen.

There is one thing that was good that came out of the show. ‘Disjointed,’ in conjunction with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, created a public service announcement calling on the NFL to end cannabis prohibition. The public service announcement was released leading up to the Super Bowl and was very well received by everyone that saw it from what I can tell. I am all for giving credit where credit is due, so I offer up a hat tip to the ‘Disjointed’ crew for helping make the below video happen:

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