NCIA’s Seed-To-Sale Show Cannavation and Cannatech Award Winners

ncia seed to sale show cannatech cannavations

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has been moving the cannabis industry forward for several years now. NCIA is the voice of the cannabis industry, and is the only organization that is representing cannabis industry members at the federal level, and in a very meaningful way. I have been an outspoken fan of NCIA since its inception because of the strong team that has been built there, all of which have backgrounds in activism.

NCIA won ‘Business Event of the Year’ at The Cannabist Awards which was a very well deserved distinction. I have been to several NCIA events and they are always packed with information, provide amazing networking opportunities, and always highlight the ‘cutting edge’ of the cannabis industry.

Their most recent event was the Seed-To-Sale Show that took place this last week in Denver. It’s truly a unique event that stands out in a seemingly never ending supply of industry events these days. The Seed-To-Sale Show was dedicated to displaying and highlighting the most innovative ideas and technologies in the cannabis industry today, in addition to hints of what’s to come. The cannabis industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and new ideas are flooding the cannabis space on an almost daily basis. This event put the focus on the best of the best.

Part of the event involved handing out awards for innovations and technology. Below are the NCIA’s Seed-To-Sale Show Cannavation and Cannatech Award Winners (Congratulations!):

Cannatech Award in Cultivation – Guardian Data Systems

“At Guardian Data Systems, we recognize how difficult it is for you to make a decision about who to trust with your cannabis business. We believe that you should work with someone who is as passionate about their business as you are about yours. I founded Guardian Data Systems because I believe an unwavering focus on the customer, decades of cannabis industry experience, and a rich banking background would make us the natural choice to work with you and your company.” – Lance Ott, CEO, Guardian Data Systems

Cannatech Award in Sales Strategies – Native Roots

“What began as a medical dispensary on the famous 16th Street Mall in Denver has grown through a partnership with Boulder medical dispensary, The Dandelion, forming the Native Roots Colorado brand. Devoted to quality products and customer experience, Native Roots is synonymous with premium cannabis products including flowers, edibles, and our world-renowned concentrate line – Native Roots Extracts. In 2014, Native Roots expanded the brand with new stores in Eagle-Vail, Longmont, Frisco, South Denver, and Aspen. We have plans for new locations in Edgewater and Dillon later this year. Our affiliated brands include Rasta Bubble, Native Roots Extracts, Foria, NPen and Marqaha.” – Native Roots Facebook

Cannatech Award in Infused Products & Extractions – Paradigm Supercritical Innovations LLC

“PSICO2 extractors are designed so that you can keep processing for as long as you have material to process. The design makes reloading simple and easy, with no interruption to the processing. Trim or other botanical material is placed inside the chambers and sealed, the chambers are hand tightened and accessible without the use of tools. The sideways mounted collection chamber utilizes a single phase inline fraction system which allows for faster flow rates. The used material can be easily removed by applying a small amount of air pressure to the chamber, this pushes the material out the bottom and into the waste.” – Paradigm Supercritical Innovations LLC Facebook

Cannavation Award in Cultivation – Urban-Gro

“urban-gro® was founded on the principle of supplying the most advanced grow product solutions to maximize plant yield while decreasing energy consumption. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best products to increase grower’s yields while saving on energy costs. While grow facilities are constantly maxing their circuits and have tremendously high energy bills, we sought out solve that problem without affecting plant yield.” - urban-gro Facebook

Cannavation Award in Sales Strategy – BDS Analytics

“BDS Analytics aims to drive the cannabis sector to thrive with well-informed decisions based on factual data. By capturing millions of transactions from dispensary point-of-sale systems we provide actionable insights based on accurate information enabling dispensaries, brands, and growers to sustain their success.” – BDS Analytics website


Cannavation Award Infused Products & Extractions – Mary’s Medicinals

“Inspired by her apothecary forefathers and generations of healers who found medicinal solutions in nature, Mary brings a turn-of-the-century elegance to the modern-day resurgence of natural therapies.” – Mary’s Medicinals website

Industry Excellence Award – LivWell

“With careful tending and hard work, we’ve grown from a single location to the biggest cannabis sector employer in the state of Colorado. Today, we have fourteen locations, hundreds of employees and a dedication to treat them all as well as the marijuana business has treated us.” – LivWell website

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