National Guard And State Police Raid 81 Year Old Women For 1 Marijuana Plant

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Whenever I talk to fiscal conservatives that oppose marijuana reform, I always ask them why they support wasting tax payer dollars on marijuana raids of private citizens. I personally think that all raids are stupid and a waste of time and money, but when it comes to raids on private citizens, I feel that opponents should oppose them if for any reason because the cost benefit analysis of such a raid clearly shows the colossal waste of resources involved.

A ‘great’ example of that came this last week when an 81 year old women from Amherst, Massachusetts had her house raided because she was growing one lonely marijuana plant on her property. Her property was fenced, and the marijuana plant was blocked from view by raspberry bushes from my understanding. The raid didn’t involve just one local officer. In fact, the local police department didn’t even know about the raid from what I understand.

The raid involved a helicopter flown by the Massachusetts National Guard, and was coordinated with the Massachusetts State Police. All for one harmless plant hidden on the property of an 81 year old lady. Per the Daily Hampshire Gazette:

“‘We just want the illegal contraband,'” Holcomb recalled the officer saying. Margaret Holcomb does not have a medical card authorizing her to grow or possess marijuana.

Margaret Holcomb said she is “not a huge social activist” but she is ready to stand up in this case, in which she feels like her civil rights were violated. If she’s unable to get medical marijuana by other means, she said, she may grow another plant.

“I’m prepared to take actions if I need to,” Margaret Holcomb said. “I don’t picture them out here and putting an 81-year-old woman in jail.”

Massachusetts will be voting on full recreational marijuana legalization next month. To say that this raid was pointless, and a huge waste of tax payer dollars, is a huge understatement. With all of the real criminals that are out there, couldn’t the helicopter and countless officers and National Guard members be put to better use? I’m curious to see if a price tag gets put on this raid. What a joke. I’m glad that Ms. Holcomb wasn’t charged, but that still doesn’t make this situation right. I do like how the previously cited article ends, as it displays Ms. Holcomb’s inner freedom fighting spirit and desire for compassion:

Holcomb said she understands the risks of growing another marijuana plant. But at her age and with her medical problems, she says she may just decide to plant the seed.

Go get ’em Margaret!

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