National Epilepsy Foundation Endorses Florida’s Medical Marijuana Initiative

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I was sitting at work on my morning break when I saw a tweet come across Ethan Nadelmann’s Twitter feed. The tweet stated that the Florida and National Epilepsy Foundations had endorsed Florida’s medical marijuana initiative. Ethan Nadelmann capped off his tweet with ‘A first!’ If Ethan says that it’s the first time such an endorsement has occurred, I think it’s safe to say that it truly is! Per Florida Politics:

The Florida Epilepsy Foundation has endorsed proposed Amendment 2, the medical marijuana initiative on Florida’s Nov. 8 ballot.

“Important medical decisions, such as treatments and medications, should be made by licensed physicians who know their patients best. That’s why the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, along with the national Epilepsy Foundation, supports Amendment 2,” Karen Basha Egozi, chief executive officer of the organization, said Tuesday in a written statement.

“Florida’s epilepsy patients should have available whatever treatment options their doctors recommend, including medical marijuana,” she said.

Marijuana has been found to help those suffering from epilepsy. Medical marijuana’s effectiveness at treating epilepsy is a big reason why medical marijuana has gained traction at the federal level, and in states that aren’t traditionally progressive when it comes to marijuana laws.

This is an absolutely huge endorsement for the Florida medical marijuana campaign, and hopefully for other medical marijuana reform efforts. I hope to see the national Epilepsy Foundation endorse more campaigns, and play a prominent role in pushing for medical marijuana reform.

Johnny Green
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