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Jeff Mizanskey served over two decades in prison in Missouri after he was sentenced to life in prison for cannabis only offenses. Fortunately, Jeff has been out for awhile now, and has been a passionate cannabis activist since his release. A crowd funding effort is underway, led by Jeff, which would help legalize medical cannabis in Missouri. Please help if you are able. Below is more information via the effort’s listing on Fundly:

From Jeff Mizanskey’s Team

I’m raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

About The Team

Jeff Mizanskey is the New Approach Missouri volunteer coordinator for District 4 (Sedalia and surrounding area). Help support his efforts to bring legal medical cannabis to Missouri by donating to this page so that he can attend local events that have entrance fees for organizations. Jeff has worked tirelessly in support of Missouri patients and reform efforts. Can you donate to help him suceed?

Thousands of Missouri patients need YOUR help!

Join us in supporting the patients, caregivers, and doctors of Missouri by donating to the New Approach MO medical cannabis campaign! We believe that patients (under the guidance of their healthcare teams) should have the option of utilizing medical cannabis to treat their debilitating health conditions. Currently, over half of the nation has safe and legal access to some form of medical cannabis. It is time for Missouri to catch up! People here are suffering and dying, when there IS a safer, more effective alternative that could be used. Our loved ones should have the option!

Right now we are raising funds to hire a professional signature gathering firm, pay for volunteers’ petitioning supplies, and to cover costs for renting booths at Missouri events where we can gather petition signatures from registered voters. We hope you will choose to help!

Thank you!

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