Missouri Has Three Choices For Medical Marijuana But There Can Only Be One

High Lander
High Lander

Missouri has three medical marijuana choices to choose from this November, 2 of the options are better than the third. I don’t know how the people agreed to put Amendment 3 up for a vote, but it is. Amendment 3 also known as The Bradshaw Amendment is the most blatant attempt to monopolize an industry for personal profit under the guise of helping others, especially since Bradshaw failed in suing to try to get the other two bills off the ballot. The Patient Care Act is a reasonable attempt for medical marijuana, but it would be a statutory amendment that can still be changed by the legislator.

Everyone should be focusing on Amendment 2 for the beginning of medical access to cannabis in the State of Missouri. If for some reason the voters vote yes down the line, the one with the most votes wins. This is not a time to be split for real change to happen. Amendment 2 is the only real choice for Missourians to join the rest of the United States in the fight to make America the great it can be.

When you walk into that poll you need to send a message and Vote No on Amendment 3, Yes on 2, do not let a split vote make the decision for you. For more on discussions of the choices, check out these Missourians from WN420.

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