Missouri Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana Campaign Wins Major Endorsements

missouri amendment 2

By John Payne

Our campaign has been endorsed by the Saint Louis American and the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch!

They feel, like we do, that our grassroots campaign to bring medical marijuana to Missouri is the best option for patients.

“Two of the proposals, Amendment 2 and Proposition C, deserve support. Amendment 2, because it amends the Missouri Constitution, is preferable to Proposition C…The third initiative, Amendment 3, should be rejected.”

“Having dissected the three measures — Constitutional Amendments 2 and 3, and Proposition C — we recommend Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 is the right option for Missouri. It provides for a reasonable tax rate, puts experts in charge of the regulation, and is supported by patients, veterans, and doctors.

Help us prevail over Amendment 3 by supporting our grassroots campaign to bring medical marijuana to Missouri.

Because it won’t happen without you. Help us win by donating $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can today!

Source: New Approach Missouri press release

Johnny Green
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