Michigan: The Green Border State

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Michigan Has A Long History With Cannabis

As someone who has been cheering on legalization for over 20 years, the past couple of years in Michigan make me say what the fuck. It was a couple of years ago I learned about Michigan’s fantastic cannabis culture and started watching this forgotten border State. Michigan is home to one of the oldest smoke-ins known as Hash Bash. A protest that has been happening since 1972 in Ann Arbor. In its 47th year, there were no arrests at this year’s Bash.

Michigan is an example of where there’s light; there’s dark. If Hash Bash has been a beacon of light for progress and common sense than the Rainbow Farm Manslaughter (Manslaughter because I would like to believe that those FBI agents had no intention that morning of killing Tom Crosslin, and his significant other, Rolland Rohis) is the blemish, the cancer on our American judicial history.

A week before 9/11, Michigan had its own WACO at a place known as Rainbow Farms. Owned and operated by cannabis advocates who became martyrs when they died by the hands of police on their property.

Protect Medical

Now fast forward to the present day. Michigan has had state legally recognized medical marijuana since 2008. The thing about State legal marijuana is there’s never a real infrastructure because it takes a couple of badasses willing to put their financial and personal freedom at risk. Once there’s an established market, people notice. Citizens and entrepreneurs alike see this new culture as harmless and insignificant, but it’s a life and death issue as people sit behind bars serving persona non grata death sentences.

When I had Facebook, I had my go-to’s and I recommend you check them out as legalization unfolds in Michigan with the upcoming Proposal 1 for recreational. Some people will argue that all legalization is good legalization and as not a resident I’m not going to argue for or against but what I will say about medical and the upcoming inevitable recreational is that the governing infrastructure needs to be redesigned or instead reassigned.

I see the same shenanigans in Michigan as I did in Washington. Putting prior law enforcement in charge of policy, people whose position not too long ago it was to ruin lives over the same product you want to make money off of. I’m speaking of Sgt. Don Bailey, someone who receives sever disdain for good reasons from 2 of my Michigan policy go-tos and that’s Chad Morrow and Don Koshmider. Within a year of harassing people for their lifestyle and choice of medicine, this asshole gets to be in charge of recreational; this is upside down politics and justice.

In this video, the same officer Sgt. Don Bailey involved in the raid on Don Kosmider’s home, speaks as a member of the cannabis regulation board in Michigan.

The Daily Dope Show called Michigan not a red or blue state but a green state. This means that everyone can agree that they were taught bullshit when it comes to this plant but not everyone can on abortion. Now Michigan still has its ignorant proponents with groups that claim to be for the greater good like Healthy and Productive Michigan or State Troopers more worried about losing revenue than real justice.

Video Of Livingston’s Sheriff Department Putting out Reefer Madness concerning gummies and other fallacies.

Sheriff Mike Murphy- Michigan Proposal 1

Sheriff Mike Murphy takes a time to discuss Michigan Proposal 1. He urges voters to take a look at the full scope of the proposal. He also gives us facts from states that have enacted similar legislation.http://healthyandproductivemi.org/ Chronic State Video- https://vimeo.com/280127474

Posted by Livingston County MI Sheriff's Office on Thursday, October 11, 2018

This upcoming election for recreational cannabis is important, and so is the medical program. People in the present medical marijuana program are being fucked with, as talked about in the above Daily Dope video, currently, the deadline for providers is October 31st. There needs to be a way to meld the past medical market and the upcoming recreational market without hurting those that paved the path for the upcoming recreational vote.

Reefer Sadness
Reefer Sadness

The Lansing Journal wrote an excellent editorial on the benefits of State legalization, check it out hereWe wish you the best of luck Michigan on being a notch against the misguided war on drugs that had done more harm than good to the people of our nation.

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