Michigan Reefer Sadness Lives in Oakland County

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Today in bullshit news, Oakland County, Michigan chooses to use its government website to disseminate the dangers of cannabis, none of which are still worth putting a person in a cage.

The public needs to be informed on how the adverse effects listed are not 100% agreed upon in the medical community; cause is not effect. As in the case of schizophrenia, most commonly its decided that if one has a predisposition towards schizophrenia that cannabis might exacerbate it but again, cause is not effect.

Another health risk listed is respiratory issues, and here I have to drop the bullshit red flag. As an asthmatic since the age of 5, I can testify that good clean cannabis has helped my breathing and I’m not the only one. Some people are irritated by breathing in flower smoke, but then those consume a different way, i.e., vape or edible but cannabis itself does not cause respiratory issues.

“Whether it’s legal will not change the fact that individuals can become addicted to it, especially our youth who are even more at risk for addiction” says County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. This is conjecture with no proof. So far youth consumption has gone down in legal States. What people like L. Brooks cultivate is a preacher’s daughter syndrome around recreational activities. Something L. Brooks knows all too well. The same man who is quoted as saying “Today’s marijuana represents a growing and significant threat to public health and safety” also had a run in with the police due to alcohol and painkillers. What punishment did he face? None.

Let’s address the fact that this government entity feels the need to talk about the “harmful” effects of cannabis and rabid skunks but where are the articles on alcohol and painkiller abuse. Someone needs to let the Oakland County Health Department know that sex, running, sugar, and coffee has some of the same additional health effects like increased heart rate. We can all agree that children should not be consuming cannabis unless its to treat a medical condition, so why can’t Oakland County stay out of its citizen’s houses and bodies?

In the closing of the Oakland County of the article Patterson urges residents “to learn about the negative effects of marijuana use before November” but I urge you to instead learn and share the positive effects of marijuana legalization by starting here.

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