Mexico’s President Asks About Marijuana Legalization In Talk With California Lawmakers

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Marijuana legalization in California would create a huge butterfly effect throughout the United States. I once talked to an advertising executive that represents some enormous brands, and he stated that they were waiting to advertise in the marijuana space until after California legalized. All eyes are on California this election cycle, which is understandable considering that California is the largest domino to fall in the battle to end marijuana prohibition.

Legalization in California would also have an effect on the international community, specifically Mexico. Mexico of course shares a border with California, and there have been many reports that Mexican cartel growers have been feeling the pinch for quite sometime due to marijuana laws changing in America. California legalizing would continue that trend, and would likely accelerate it.

Mexico has been keeping an eye on the effort to legalize recreational marijuana, and apparently at the highest level of their government too. Recently a group of California lawmakers participated in a call with the President of Mexico. Among other things, the topic of marijuana legalization came up. Per Reuters:

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who has proposed liberalizing his country’s drug laws, privately asked California lawmakers visiting Mexico about a state measure to legalize recreational marijuana, a state legislator said on Thursday.

A delegation of California Democratic lawmakers visiting Mexico talked for an hour on Wednesday with Pena Nieto about trade and the state’s border with Mexico.

During the meeting, Pena Nieto brought up the November ballot measure without getting into details, California state Senator Ben Allen said in an interview.

“But they’re clearly paying close attention,” he added.

It sounds like from the report from Reuters that no transcript was produced of what was specifically talked about. To be a fly on the wall! They probably didn’t get too in depth on it, but the fact that it came up in what appears to be an off-agenda manner I think is significant. If California legalizes, Mexico would almost have to follow suit. What that would look like on both sides of the border would be anyone’s guess, but something everyone would like to see. The people of Mexico have suffered greatly due to prohibition on both sides of the border. They deserve to live their lives without fear.

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