Mexico To Allow Marijuana-Based Product Imports Next Year


Huge news was reported yesterday out of Mexico, with Mexico’s health regulator announcing that the country will start allowing ‘marijuana-based products’ to be imported from other countries and sold in Mexico starting some time next year. Mexico legalized medical marijuana earlier this year, but still strictly prohibits cannabis for adult-use. As of right now, the details of exactly how things will work when the cannabis products are imported is still unclear. Per Reuters:

Arturo Tornel, spokesman for health regulator Cofepris, said that the agency plans to formally publish the regulation for pot-based goods within days, allowing those items to enter the Mexico market as soon as a month later.

He added that Cofepris expects distributors and retailers to import the items, with some companies eventually producing items in Mexico using marijuana grown abroad. The regulation does not apply to sales of pure marijuana.

The number of questions swirling around in my head is numerous, as are the number of questions flying around social media. Where will the products be imported from? The most likely answer would be Canada, given that Canada already exports to a growing list of countries. But it could also be Israel, or even another country.

What kind of products will be allowed to be imported? What THC level will the products be capped at, or will there even be a cap on cannabinoids in products? Where will the products be sold? Will there be limits on how much a person can buy? What will be the legal age to buy?

It would be nice to see Mexico grow its own cannabis and have it turned into products, but that may be complicated given the stranglehold that cartels have on cannabis production in the country. How will Mexico ensure that cartels are not involved in the cannabis importing/selling industry? Ultimately we will just have to wait and see until the details are announced.

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