AZ Marijuana Industry Highlight Opportunities Legalization Would Create For Women


The marijuana industry has a much higher than average rate of business leaders that are female. That is something that the industry should be proud of while at the same time striving to be even better. It’s like people have been saying lately, we need to create a new kind of industry, not just a new industry. Marijuana legalization would generate a lot of jobs in Arizona, for both men and women. Female members of the Arizona marijuana industry recently held a press conference to highlight opportunities that would be created for women in the marijuana industry if legalization passes in November. Information about it can be found below, via a press release from the Arizona campaign:

Female members of Arizona’s regulated medical marijuana business community held a news conference on Thursday at Monarch Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Wellness Center, where they highlighted the economic opportunities that would be created for women in the state if voters approve Proposition 205 this November. 

Survey data shows women hold a much larger share of executive-level positions in marijuana businesses than in U.S. businesses overall. Women hold 36% of the total executive-level positions in the legal marijuana industry, including 63% of high-level positions at testing businesses and nearly 50% at infused product and processing businesses, according to an October 2015 survey conducted by the Marijuana Business Daily. The Pew Research Center reported in 2014 that women hold 22% of such positions at U.S. companies in general. 


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