Meet Sean Beeman of Genesis Pharms

By Timothy Edwards

Genesis Pharms has taken 1st place in the Oregon Dope Cup Awards for Best RSO with Whole Plant Concentrate. “The Focus of our company is the therapeutic side of cannabis,” said Genesis Pharms Owner, Sean Beeman.

He works very hard to provide the best therapeutic product possible in a recreational market. When they were involved in the medical market, they had an 80% saturation rate.“Trying to promote a therapeutic product in a recreational market is harder and requires a lot of training and education.”

Beeman takes education very seriously. He goes into shops and trains everyone from the budtender to the owner, on the therapeutic uses that are out there. Genesis Pharms has different varietals that they grow in the garden with different ratios of THC and CBD. Some are high THC, and some have high CBD.

Beeman’s effort to provide the best therapeutic product on the market, comes from a personal place that involves his health issues, that he treats with RSO. In 2005, Beeman was diagnosed with hepatitis C,  which he believes he contracted through the air shots received in boot camp when he served in the military. He was also diagnosed with having grade four stage III liver cirrhosis.

He was in the late stage when diagnosed. At first he tried everything that he could find on the Internet to treat it and didn’t get much relief. On April 5, 2010, he took his first dose of RSO and knew from day one that it was what was going to help him to heal. “If you take too much RSO to quickly it can become uncomfortable, but I literally was fighting for my life,” said Beeman.

He first started dosing a quarter gram in the morning, a quarter gram in the afternoon and a big dollop at night. “Day one my fibromyalgia pain was removed. Week one my Jandus was gone. First 90 days I shed 110 pounds.” He was told he had a year or two to live and his quality-of-life was gone. 11 months after his first treatment of RSO, he went back into the doctor, and they did a biopsy that showed that his health had been restored to his body. “Best news I heard from my doctor is when he looked me in the eye and said, “Well Now you get to die from something else.”

For more information on Sean, check out this article in the University of Oregon blog on cannabis health effects. For further information on products and dispensary locations go to

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