Meet Amy Case King and Her Fight To End Prohibition

Amy Case King and Twent Two Too Many
Amy Case King and Twent Two Too Many

Who is Amy Case King?

Amy is a cannabis activist, who has been on the front lines of policy change for over 15 years. She started her activism because of the problems her Uncle, a Vietnam veteran with PTSD faced on a daily basis. I met Amy when I drafted a statement on the legalization of cannabis in the United States. The letter was included in an information packet sent to the Mexican Congress. Her efforts are helping influence progressive policies and educating both governments and people that prohibition is causing more societal harms than the actual plant itself. Today, Amy is working with FAAAT, an organization trying to bring common sense to our perception of drugs and drug treatment through policy and science.

Amy Case King (Second from right)
Amy Case King (Second from right)

Cannabis policy progress is being made in Geneva, but progress comes at a cost, and they need our help. As I write this, Amy and her team are debunking reefer madness in Geneva, Switzerland to the W.H.O (The World Health Organization) for their policy report that hasn’t changed since 1954. Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, a FAAAT team researcher, submitted an intervention to the E.C.D.D. (Expert Committee on Drug Dependence) demanding the repeal of this policy. Once the W.H.O makes its conclusions, the team moves onto Vienna, Austria, to the Commission of Narcotic Drugs where final treaty changes would be decided. Amy’s endgame is the overall removal of the scheduling of cannabis, a substance that has been proven safer than sugar.

FAAAT will be hosting the International Cannabis Policy Conference that will help to influence the United Nations in policy development. Sponsors, exhibitors, program advertisers, NGO’s are still being accepted for the conference. If you’re in the industry or care about cannabis policy, please help support Amy and FAAAT in their efforts to make positive change.

What can you do?

As always, donate. You can give directly via PayPal to Amy and help her efforts or to F.A.A.T and then there’s the GoFundMe if you don’t wish to support Paypal. If you’re low on funds, share her story. Together, we can end prohibition and stop living in fear of the American government and judicial system.

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