Medical Marijuana Leader Reveals DEA Reversals on Cannabis Data


Steph Sherer, the executive director and founder of Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s leading medical marijuana advocacy group, spoke at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference on Wednesday.

After opening with a sarcastic remark about buying her medical marijuana in a bar, Ms. Sherer urged the attendees present from Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission, Department of Agriculture, Health Authority, and the medical marijuana community itself to reject the move to merge the medical and recreational marijuana programs.

“If you want to see what it’s like when you merge medical and recreational,” she warned, “talk to some of the patients in Washington.”

For the bulk of her remarks, Ms. Sherer examined the success of the medical marijuana movement and how it may be threatened under a Trump Administration and Attorney General Sessions.

Ms. Sherer closed by describing recent success by Americans for Safe Access in its petition against the DEA’s violation of the Information Quality Act. The group had ferreted out documents on the DEA’s website that offered scientifically-incorrect assertions about marijuana use that the DEA’s own reports had contradicted. This week, the DEA removed the offending documents.

The Cannabis Collaborative Conference continues tomorrow, with single day passes going for $149 and expo-only passes going for $49 at

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