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As someone who tries to meet his obligations first before I complete a thought, two or three things happen before I get a chance for a timely post. With that said, I would like to talk about two things in the U.K related to writes at work.

Something smells Funny in the U.K’s Animal and Plant Health Agency

U.K Instagram Advertisement

Lete start light for this will end dark, why? ‘cause prohibition ignorance. It seems someone in the marketing department for the A&P Health Agency deserves a high five. Many U.K Instagram users were getting this ad in their Instagram feed for employment. In the picture, a “scientists” is shown tending to a plant with what kinda looks like cannabis.

Cannabis Stock Photo

Well here’s the complete stock photo and yes it’s weed. Does this Agency have grander plans for cannabis? I don’t know, but what I can say as more data comes out, perspectives are changing and perhaps someone in this agency sees the future.

20X Increase in U.K Usage

The Law Makes You Crazy, Not The Plant

An argument to continue prohibition and keep nonviolent offenders behind bars is that once cannabis is legal, there will be mass hysteria and mental health issues, but it turns out, mental disease and hysteria is the prohibition itself.

Some studies have shown a 20 times increase of use in the UK since 1970. Despite this, schizophrenia and psychosis rates have been on the decline. To support the statements I just made I would like to present three different studies, two from the U.K and one on Australian data. U.K 1. U.K 2. Australia.

Michelle Fraser's Son

When Cannabis Kills

The last is deadly ignorance that can take place where anyone doesn’t have safe access to cannabis and an understanding of pharmacology from sugar to beer and everything in between, cannabis being one. A story of a young man who wanted to “party” and sought out cannabis, something that would not have killed him or has anyone but was offered something just as illegal but deadlier, fentanyl under the guise of MDMA.

The drug war has created many side casualties, but none of them have been from a legal purchase like what happened to Henry MacDougall who is being used as part of the prohibition propaganda machine. Not only has prohibition killed by putting people behind bars to slowly die but it also has hurt our youth by not allowing them best practices in the world of pharmacology from sugar to beer.

One Last Thing

I forgot to add this one last ironic piece of U.K’s legalization history, and that’s recently the U.K drug minister recently had to step down from a cannabis conversation because her husband is part of the U.K’s cannabis industry. There’s not much add to this ironic statement but, yeah with a splash of facepalm.

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