Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Is Under Attack

Massachusetts Marijuana

The will of the voters needs to be respected in Massachusetts. Some people think that the fight to legalize ends after a successful vote on Election Day. That’s not the case. One phase ends on Election Day, and a second phase of legalization begins. Now is the time to get in touch with your elected officials and let them know that you voted for Question 4 for a reason, and that your vote needs to be respected. I received the below action alert. Please pass it along to those that you know in Massachusetts:

On Friday, we received a clear indication of what to expect from the Legislature in the next few months. Politicians introduced a number of bills that would adversely impact the implementation of Question 4 and restrict the new law’s home cultivation and personal possession limits.

Legislators have filed bills that would push back sales of edibles by two years, reduce home grow and personal possession limits, give local officials the power to block marijuana establishments, unnecessarily restructure the Cannabis Control Commission, and increase the legal age limit to 25.

These are clear attempts to reverse the will of the 1.8 million voters who approved Question 4.

We can’t let this happen. Here are three easy ways to help:

1) Email your legislators. Take action and tell them that you oppose any attempts to significantly alter Question 4 (including all of the bills listed above).

2) Call your legislators. Use these links to find the telephone number for your state representative and state senator. And, if you need to look up your legislators, click here. Tell them to uphold the will of the voters.

3) Call Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (617-722-1500) and House Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500). Ask them to appoint neutral chairs to the proposed special committee on marijuana. Tell them that it would be inappropriate for the committee to be led by legislators who strongly opposed Question 4.

We worked hard to pass Question 4. Now we must defend it.


Matt Schweich
Director of State Campaigns
Marijuana Policy Project

Johnny Green
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