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Does CBD Block The High of THC in Cannabis?

CBD can reduce activation of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor in cell experiments. Does this mean that it can actually prevent you from getting high? Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most common cannabinoid after the more famous THC. Although CBD levels in most strains of cannabis are low (and have been […]

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Blunt vs. Joint – Can Science Settle The Debate?

It is the eternal question for those who like to roll their own – should they make a joint or a blunt? First, what is the difference? A joint is when you create a cannabis cigarette with light, semi-translucent rolling paper. A blunt is when you use tobacco paper (same as is […]

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Cannabis Tinctures – Four Reasons Why They Work Better Than Edibles

Two new studies prove that cannabis tinctures have several advantages over traditional edibles. Here is how they stack up. Cannabis edibles come in many forms: tablets, capsules, pretzels, cookies, brownies, gummies, etc. However, cannabis tinctures are fundamentally different—they are a liquid form of cannabis. Tinctures are alcohol based extracts of cannabis that can […]

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Alcohol and Cannabis – The Science Behind How They Interact

Alcohol and cannabis are two of the world’s most popular recreational drugs. It is not surprising then that they are often consumed together. Some people report that they feel pretty good after combining cannabis with a few drinks. There are also many cases of extreme dizziness, nausea, or blacking out. […]

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Medical Cannabis Patient Advocacy Group Partners With University Of Maryland

On Thursday, June 22nd, the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) Training Program will unveil its new training platform on the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s online learning platform. The partnership between PFC and the School of Pharmacy’s Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions (CIPS) is directed toward medical cannabis businesses to […]

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Is CBD Psychoactive? Yes and No

If CBD is always called non-psychoactive, why does a top expert in the cannabinoid field say this a misconception? Cannabidiol (CBD) is referred to as a “non-psychoactive” cannabinoid just about everywhere it is mentioned. However, Dr. Ethan Russo, a long-time cannabinoid researcher, has recently said that this isn’t actually the […]

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Your DNA Can Determine Whether You Pass a Drug Test

Countless people spend money on products to pass a urine drug test for cannabis. They don’t know that whether they will pass is already written in their DNA. I recently covered a scientific study on how your genes affect your sensitivity to cannabis. It explained how a variant at a specific place […]