Marijuana Reparations: A Civil Right


What is a human life worth? What is the cost of human misery? At one time we thought it was 40 acres and a mule. You will not see images like in Birmingham, Alabama 1963 when armed white police officers fire-hosed and sicked dogs on unarmed black students and then imprisoned them or the incident on a bridge in Selma – These were turning points for the civil rights of Americans. What is it going to take for modern day prohibition to end? Something that has suppressed so many communities, all American and all over the law not the byproduct of a plant.

We have to be willing to face our ugly past to have a beautiful future. Understanding what was, helps us with what is and the drug war is one of those things that has done more harm than good in the name of policing. I was hoping to have this completed for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), observed on April 2-8 because the drug war has created crime victims in the name of making your neighborhood safe.

With each year we remain hopeful that justice will prevail, with each President we think “This is the one that is gonna make everything alright”; and with each, they fail, but we get a step closer, by bringing awareness to the masses. Awareness that marijuana is not the drug taught in high school or that it’s not the thing that turns us down a wrong path, our own decisions that do that.

I know things are better now than they were but there is still a lot to do, to make America the great we all want for our children and for right now.As long as there are ongoing pot cases, prisoners new and old like Craig Cesal, Richard Delisi, Antonio Bascaro, and John Knock; As long as there are still sick people and people who want to help them but can’t because a law says so. As long as, families are being torn apart, and children being used as leverage, there is a lot of work to do.

People shouldn’t have weed guilt, told that’s the end of their civilized life when caught smoking or selling a plant that has killed no one.

I imagine presidential decision-making conversations go something like this;

Presidential Dilemma

Staff presenting issues of the people to the President: We have a bad federal law with lots of innocent people in prison.

President: Then free them.

Staff: But that would prove us wrong, and we’ve already killed men, women, and children over it. Also, it makes us look bad since we’ve stolen time from many and are still in the process of it. Also, it would take away jobs and funding to prisons and law enforcement.

President: Then enforce the Federal law and lock up the market participants.

Staff: Well here’s the thing. That would hurt various jobs not just in marijuana, as well as, destroy a billion dollar market of those participating. There would be a revolt, if not a revolution.

President: Oh. Well than State’s right it is, let the people fight it out, and hopefully, those that die in prison now will be forgotten about.

We all know that legalization and freedom could happen with the wave of the magic wand known as the Presidential pen, but none of them are willing to take the risk. The risk of overturning a bad law that has hurt so many and funded others so well, this is why we have an opioid crisis, Americans lying to America.

State’s rights is a pussy (for lack of a better word, my bad) way to pass a Federal law or an Executive Order. It means that the politicians don’t have to look at a topic. Instead, your state has the option to create its own authority, but a bunch of you need to coordinate for it to happen; This is why it’s up to you (Insert Prohibition State) to get involved. White, black, brown, yellow, red, poor, or rich our votes are indiscriminate pieces of paper, checks on a tally that makes a difference. It up to you to organize and learn how a bill is passed or to campaign for or against someone based on their marijuana beliefs.

No Victim, No Crime

Stints in prison have turned into life sentences as men die in prison, whether shackled to a prison hospital bed like Richard Flor or sitting on a cot, counting breaths; the present situation should make everyone outrage. Out of moral compass or the fact, it could be you next.

The quality of American life and quality of work are about the legacy it leaves, life investments, a place where you are willing to be and work. Work shouldn’t be a dirty word; We just exchange hours for dollars.

The altruism of men and women is why prohibition is losing. There will always be sick people, and there will always be people willing to lose their livelihood for the sake of helping their neighbor. It’s from the goodness of citizens that cannabis has come so far and it time for our Government to show the same kindness and intelligence, regardless of the monetary cost which can never compensate the human cost.

Marijuana should be legal not just humanistic moral reasons or in the name of justice but also by what’s right by your God. I say this because there’s no religion I can think of that thinks it’s okay to punish a person for something that has no victim, hence no crime.

Until no one’s life can be altered by law enforcement over possession of a plant, this is not over, and until then it will remain an open wound, not another scar. Scars like what happened to Native Americans, African American Slavery, Japanese Internment camps, and mass minority incarcerations and so much more- we must accept that our country hasn’t always been the best, but it is because we always make strides to do the right thing. This open wound of injustice must become a scar of the past.

One Last Thought

There’s nothing I can write here but something for you to see, I find it ironic when the United States decides to call out other countries on their prison practices, today it’s Iran.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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