Marijuana March Forth (This includes you Seattle)

Seattle Cannabis March

Joe Biden and Idaho’s Republican Governor are no different in their belief that I am a degenerate for my cannabis consumption and to that extent, people’s lives need to be continually ruined over a bad law. This is why we can’t have nice things, America, this is why no swamp has or will be ever drained.

I am guilty of being me, a third-generation American but as a 5’11” brown man who’s traveled the country, I’m used to this. America isn’t the best country but its better than most, we can do better.

Politicians need to start abiding by the will of the majority, a will of common sense in the policy. Marijuana legalization is not the gateway drug to end of times, prohibition has and continues to be.

Marijuana Marches Around The World

Marijuana isn’t legal in America which means there is no real Freedom in America. Every year a handful of the faithful gather in the name of ending cannabis prohibition, including events in recreational legal States.

In Seattle, the Cannabis Freedom March will take place on May the 4th. Taking over Westlake Center in the name of ending prohibition. Washington State faces its own hurdles as we try to get homegrows and farmers markets, and public consumption on the books.

We don’t have just a drug crisis but a policing one which is a humanitarian crisis. I wish I knew the one answer to fix this issue; allow them to play video games to ease that trigger finger or let’s try making training longer than it’s required to be a veterinarian, there is no one answer but police are just people too.

If you’re curious if there’s a march in your area, check out the Global Cannabis March website. It’s up to each event to update their info but at least it will give you a start in finding like-minded people.

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