Marijuana Infused Halloween Candy Fears Are Unfounded

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Halloween is an odd holiday to me, and has been even since I was younger. As a youth, I was always told to fear strangers, and definitely to never take candy from a stranger. That’s what most American youth are told over and over when they are growing up. But, that’s only the case 364 days a year (or 365 on leap year!). On one day a year those rules are thrown out the window, and kids run around in the dark soliciting candy from complete strangers, and dressed in a costume no less.

With Halloween right around the corner, I’m expecting at any minute to start seeing the ‘marijuana Halloween candy epidemic’ talk pick up in the media and among marijuana opponents. In 2014 marijuana opponents even purchased billboards in Colorado to promote the fear mongering that is the made up ‘marijuana Halloween candy epidemic.’ I say made up, because at the conclusion of Halloween 2014, NOT ONE PIECE OF MARIJUANA HALLOWEEN CANDY BEING GIVEN OUT WAS EVER REPORTED. Sorry for shouting.

I just get so frustrated when I see such blatant reefer madness being spread. The ‘Halloween candy boogeyman’ tactic is not new, it was just recently applied to marijuana. Chances are if you grew up in the United States, you have been warned about the ‘razor blade in the candy’ story, or other similar stories that are based upon myths. At least with the razor blade story, it’s easy to dismiss as just urban legends gone awry.

But with cannabis, there is a much deeper problem when it’s applied to Halloween public scare tactics. Lies have been told about marijuana for generations. Those lies have led to prohibition, which has ruined countless lives. The same cannot be true for other Halloween candy myths. The other myths are lame, and false, but they haven’t led to people being locked in cages, sometimes for the remainder of their lives.

There have only been two reported Halloween candy poisonings in the last 45 years. Neither of them involved marijuana, and both of them involved the candy being given out by a  someone the victim knew. So, when you start hearing about the almost guaranteed certainty that the sky will fall on Halloween, and that large masses of innocent children will be poisoned by candy infused with the Devil’s lettuce, remember the line made famous by Flavor Flav, ‘Don’t believe the hype!’

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