Marijuana & Banking – The Uniform Commercial Code (Article 9)

UCC And Cannabis

Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Tom Howard, explains the marijuana laws so that you can help change them.  Here he does a deep dive into the Uniform Commercial Code for when cannabis is finally used as collateral.

Cannabis as collateral under the UCC may still be a few years away in the United States, however, because of the recent Sessions Memo rescinding the Cole Memo.  But once marijuana is dropped from the Controlled Substances Act, it will be used as collateral just as any other business uses their inventory.

If you don’t know squat under the UCC, this is totally how you should learn.  Tom walks you through the life cycle of marijuana under the UCC and how it changes from one type of collateral to another as it goes from seed to sale.  Check it out and subscribe to the Cannabis Industry Lawyer on YouTube to get weekly videos on weed laws so that you can change them for the better!

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