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Reefer Sadness has been busy the past month, rehashing old fears of cannabis-related disease like cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or the cause for psychosis. The yearly b.s on reasons why people need to stay behind bars for a plant that has killed no one (look it up).

Let’s address the case that weed can make you sick, first. This one is still up for debate but yet I know people personally who say this has happened to them and they still consume cannabis. The main point on this one is that its curable and any disease cured by a hot shower is ok with me; in fact, some Mondays are fixed this way.

Next is that marijuana causes psychosis; this statement is deceiving in itself if one doesn’t take a minute to think about it, which as creatures of bias, we generally don’t. If cannabis consumption was the root cause of crazy, we would have seen significant amounts of crazy but instead, we are faced with the same unpredictable bullshit every day, sober and regular people do crazy shit, not just cannabis consumers, as seen recently when a Seattle when a man went blackout drunk and killed two people.

There is no cause and effect with cannabis and psychosis, though it is agreed that potentially it could exacerbate an individual’s condition, not create. If reasoning isn’t your thing, here’s an article that references a Harvard Study; “Harvard Study finds marijuana doesn’t cause schizophrenia.”

Every year there’s some bullshit reason not to allow people a holistic choice or to keep citizens behind bars with no victims. Every year bullshit reasons to pull over someone of a darker hue or to take people’s assets, and to allow wasted funds for undercover operations that save no one, these recent attempts will probably be followed by marijuana makes men grow tits and kills our sperm, this straight from the reefer madness shitty playbook.

Marijuana prohibition causes a social psychosis; it creates an inability for the average person to discern what real justice is, to see what is the crime. We can all agree that rape and murder are bad; why can’t we all agree that no one belongs in jail for cannabis? Prohibition leads our children astray too, long after they learn that they were lied to about Santa do they find out that coffee, marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes are all drugs, not just heroin and meth. Drug ignorance creates victims of use.

6 month investigation for nothing
6 month investigation for nothing

We live in a world where law enforcement chooses to go after the easy mark which is the cannabis consumer, someone trying to be law-abiding despite breaking the bad law. Even though our Government just legalized Hemp, some states still prosecute those involved with components of the hemp plant, primarily CBD, no one has pulled over a truck full of Hemp pants yet. Prohibition continues to waste resources where real crime could be stopped.

Two examples of recent ignorant policing were when a cancer patient was harassed, in a newly medically legal state over a smell and another when a man was harassed for rolling a joint in a recreationally legal state.

The war on drugs means harassing someone going through chemotherapy. They got a call, so they had to bother a dying man, there is no pride in your work when it means harassing a sick human being, these law enforcement officials should be ashamed for how far this went for something that was going to end with a ticket in Missouri. Its moments like these where I am a big fan of public shaming, not the patient but of the ones serving and protecting no one. It’s the court of public opinion vs. court of law in my opinion.

Fighting Crime Fighting Crime 2

Next up on dumb shit in America, a man is detained for rolling a joint in his parked car. There’s not much more I can say on this one, the lack of crime and excess force on the law enforcement side says it all.

American cannabis is here to stay and it’s up to those in law enforcement to recognize that they need to go after real criminals, this is what will make America great again. Instead of believing reefer madness headlines people need to understand that a cannabis consumer is just as ordinary as a coffee drinker and perhaps is your neighbor or friend.

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