Make America Dank Again

Make America Dank Again

What happened to America first? If you’re reading this, more likely you identify as a liberal hippie, and like me, you probably don’t think highly of politics, but as I get older, I realize it’s there being always  only 2 predominant choices. Why am I limited to an on/off switch when fundamentally we’re all the same, in America and the planet.

Fundamentally all grownups want the same thing; our children to succeed while we’re being law abiding citizens paying our bills and overindulging on the weekends or other special events. I’m not a fan of Trump but hoping your President fails is like wishing for a bad pilot or bus driver, it’s not going to turn out well for you. Unfortunately, most of it is out of our hands unless you have a shit ton of money and understand the system or become an electoral vote, this is where America loses.

American politics is a continuous cycle of rinse, repeat, and rinse again. Put aside your differences and look at the candidates’ stance on one issue, cannabis. If we can get over whatever our political hangups and focus on one issue, if people cared about justice as much as they do Football, Kanye, and Ted Nugent than maybe, maybe we can take that much more power away from the politicians and law enforcement willing to take away our freedom.

O Canada

Let’s talk about all the rewards Canada and Canadians are and will be reaping in thanks to common sense. Yes, I’m talking about the same country that extradited a man for seeds, but there’s so much more for the greater good going on now.

There may still be issues Province to Province, and yes, the cannabis infrastructure still has a lot of work to do, but as a whole, the nation is leaps and bounds ahead when it comes to the rights of the citizen, basic human rights. How is Canada winning the war on drugs meanwhile in the United States, state by state people of power and wealth are trying to kill medical as in Washington State and presently MichiganWhy do we have people serving life behind bars for pot or being part of a pot “conspiracy” but yet Canada is exporting cannabis to the U.S for research?

In Canada, The Medavie Blue Cross Group is willing to cover cannabis as part of a healthcare system, holy shit that’s cutting edge. Giving the people a holistic chance before being bound to pills and intrusive treatments. Or how about the fact the police will be allowed to consume cannabis. I mean what the fuck America? In America, it’s the “Fuck the police” because of hypocrisies and contradictions as in the case of a Santa Ana raid where the cops stole some of the product of the establishment they were raiding.

Cops are people too. Think about your job and how shitty a long day of peopling can be. Some people work out to vent, others drink, others create civil war scenes with pristine accuracy, and some just like to smoke pot. Marijuana, cannabis, whatever you want to call it is not about culture (though it does have a history), it’s not about it being medicine or not, but it’s about people who enjoy something that makes their day, their life better and has done no individual harm than no one deserves to be in jail for this plant.

Besides health care, workers rights for law enforcement and the military, the legalization of cannabis is going to set Canada ahead of other countries because they won’t be incarcerating it’s future engineers to worker bees. Not everyone that consumes cannabis is brilliant or dumb, but everyone deserves not to have their life hindered by a bad law. One thing Canada can do for social progress would be to expunge all past convictions and apologize to the likes of Mark and Jody Emery, Dana Larsen, and Mary Jean Dundson. Below is a clip from The Jim Jeffries Show for what Canada is in for.

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