The Lies of the CBD Oil Hucksters

Just because they're not busting you doesn't mean it's legal.

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If it's legal in all 50 states, why are there three bills in Congress to legalize it?

Once again, the pursuit of profit finds unscrupulous entrepreneurs outright lying to desperate patients about CBD oil.

To be clear, the lies are not about the effectiveness of CBD oil. I’ve seen too many medical miracles to tell you CBD oil doesn’t work.

The lies are about everything else regarding CBD oil “suppliments [sic]”.

Pure CBD Oil
Well, if it’s legal in all 50 states, why did 17 states pass laws to legalize it?

The first lie is the website itself. It purports to be a webzine called “Your Healthy Life,” as if this were just another article on another medical website. The title of the site’s tab reads “Clinically validated Cannabis Oil hits U.S.A. market across all 50 states.”

Yet when you look at the domain, expecting perhaps “”, instead you find “”. Family cars? Nothing in the article talks about family cars, just “legal in all 50 states” CBD oil.

Backing up to just “” and we find that this family cars article is the only article on the site and every link in the header to “Health News,” “Recipes,” “Films,” and “Guided Programs” takes you to the same family cars article.

The whole site appears to have been created within the past month. It’s registered to Laura Galvan of the Clickthru Media Group of Henderson, Nevada.

The second lie is every link on the website. After you read about the miracles of CBD oil, you’re led to the “legal in all 50 states” part that’s followed by a comments section. I’m constantly posting a stock comment I have saved for this issue that debunks all the “legal in all 50 states” bullshit, but when I click the “Leave a comment” link, it takes me to the order page for the CBD oil that they want me to buy. Every link on the page takes you to this same sales page.

The third lie is the one I debunk all the time. No, CBD oil is not “legal in all 50 states,” as the page tells you six different times. If it were already legal nationally, why did 17 states bother to pass laws legalizing possession of CBD? Why would there be three bills in Congress to remove CBD from the Controlled Substances Act? Why would the police raid CBD oil shops, seize their illegal goods, and arrest the sellers?

The fourth lie is that it is “grown in America, processed in America.” The only cannabis plants that are legally grown in America under federal law are the psychoactive marijuana grown at the University of Mississippi’s pot farm and the industrial hemp grown in several states by universities and agriculture departments for research purposes under Section 7606 of the Farm Bill. Under some state laws, people are legally cultivating cannabis and extracting oils containing CBD, but they are acquiring state medical marijuana cards to do so and that medicine is sold in regulated dispensaries to registered patients, not over the internet to anyone with a credit card.

The fifth lie is that THC – “the compnent [sic] in Marijuana that gets smokers ‘High'” – has no medical benefit. The page claims that the “real medical benefits” from cannabis come from CBD, which makes you wonder why the millions of patients in 29 medical marijuana states are either wasting their time or lying to us about the benefits they’ve received from THC? On the contrary, many CBD oil patients I’ve interviewed have lamented the lack of THC in their oil, as CBD doesn’t work as well as an isolated compound.

As usual, I most close with the disclaimer that if you want to buy CBD oil over the internet and you find it has benefits for you, fantastic, but don’t kid yourself into thinking your purchase isn’t breaking federal and state laws. Every one of these hemp oil hucksters that pops up with invalid claims of legality casts doubt upon the entire topic of medical cannabidiol. The kernel of medical truth about CBD gets buried in a mountain of “legal in all 50 states” bullshit.

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