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The average cannabis consumer in America is becoming more sophisticated with each passing week. In decades past people felt lucky just to get their hands on some decent flower, but these days cannabis consumers expect more in states where sales are legal. Cannabis consumers want specific types of cannabis in specific delivery method forms. People still consume flower, but other forms of cannabis are becoming increasingly popular.

Data from 2015 compared to 2016 in Colorado demonstrated that sales of cannabis-infused edibles increased 53%. The increase in sales for cannabis concentrates was even more dramatic – 125%. Data from 2016 showed that edibles accounted for 12% of legal cannabis sales in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, and concentrates accounted for 20%. Those percentages of market share are projected to increase in the future.

Cannabis consumers want to see edibles and concentrates on dispensary shelves that are effective, affordable, and of high quality.  The entrepreneurs that are going to get the consumer dollars are going to be the ones that figure out how to meet the growing demand for edibles and concentrates in a profitable way. It’s going to take innovation to make that happen, and there’s no better place to learn about the latest and greatest ideas and inventions than at the upcoming Seed to Sale Show hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association.

The Seed to Sale Show is going to feature several panels dedicated to revolutionary cannabis edibles and concentrates including:

  • Controlling Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Flower and Extract
  • Understanding the Science Behind Cannabis
  • Pesticide Screening of Cannabis Products
  • The Fourth Parameter
  • Safety Training for Extraction Equipment Operators & Lab Employees
  • CBD Product Development – Insights into Cultivating, Sourcing, and Processing

Each panel is going to be led by speakers that are true experts in their areas of study/employment. Not to downplay other sectors of the cannabis industry, but pursuits involving edibles and concentrates can be especially complicated. A lot of the same rules and regulations around cannabis plant production also apply to edible and concentrate production, plus much more because of the additional processes involved.

Production technology is particularly important for edible and concentrate makers to learn more about because of the decreasing margins of profit in the increasingly competitive cannabis space. The people that will be the most successful in the future are not just those that figure out how to make world-class products, but to also to do so in a way that maximizes resources.

If you are serious about crushing it in the edibles and/or concentrates sectors of the emerging cannabis industry and you want to learn about the newest innovations from the most talented people in the cannabis space, the Seed to Sale Show is a must attend. Make sure to get your tickets to the Seed to Sale Show as soon as possible before they are sold out!

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