Last Minute PNW Cannabis Holiday Suggestions

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By Timothy Edwards

During the holiday season, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right gift for the right person. If that person likes cannabis products then here is a little guide of what I would recommend. From flower, concentrates, high THC, high CBD, and cool cannabis businesses to check out, there is so much to choose from.

Mad Mark farms

If you live in my home state of Washington and like really good weed, then Mad Mark Farms is one of the best choices. They grow several different strains such as grape, black cherry soda, amnesia, Carl Sagan and chem dog are among my favorites. Mad Mark can be found in stores across the state.

Hi-Tunes CBD Stix

If you are like me, you prefer a dab and would consider yourself a concentrate connoisseur. Oil tycoon is by far my favorite choice. Based out of Spokane, they can be found in stores all across the state as well. Processing everything from distillate, live resin, shatter, wax, they make it all; and it all tastes great, with long-lasting effect. Check out their new Vape pen cartridge “Entourage.” If getting high isn’t your thing then you’re looking for something just CBD. I have to recommend grabbing one of my CBD Stix by Hi-Tunes, which is a 1 g of pre-roll CBD joint that also comes along with my full-length album, “still growin’: cuts of cannabis” as well as a bonus song and music video.

Kush Creams

Looking for a vape cartridge? Then Haystack CBD is a good choice but if smoking isn’t your thing and you might be looking for a topical cream, try Kush Cream, One of the best choices, an award-winning brand and available in all 50 states. They have been the longest sponsor of Cannabis Saves Lives message and other projects I’ve been involved with. Another notable recommendation would be up and comer, MJ Martin, with her new topical cream, Royal treatment by Flower Girl Queens. Her product is made by Topical Way, which is now processed in the Hi-Tunes warehouse.

When it comes to medibles, I do not have any real recommendation. Mainly because most products in stores are 10 mg and that is not enough for me to medicate. I would need more of the 100mg range. I choose to make my own butter. My recommendation to anybody who ever asks me the best way to eat it, I say is mix it with what you like and then find the right amount to reach your level of relief.

Deep Green

RSO (Rick Simpson oil), also called FECO (fully extracted cannabis oil), is becoming my favorite form of medicating. I have been trying to smoke less and still reach my level of medicated relief for my condition. This does include THC for my treatment and RSO is the way to go. I would also recommend it for people battling severe illnesses And diseases, like cancer. Here in Washington, I would recommend Deep Green as one of the best. Traveling south to Oregon state, is a longtime sponsor, Genesis Pharms. Based out of Eugene Oregon, their product can be found all across the state. They placed first at the Dope Cup for best RSO. I use it every day. They also carry cartridges, CBD, lotions, honey sticks and more.

Heading more south of Seattle on your journey?


Traveling I-5 south from Seattle to Oregon, make sure to stop by Tacoma House of Cannabis, and check out their wonderful display of product. If you were to stop in Portland and stay overnight, then there is no better place than Delta-9 House. A cannabis friendly Airbnb. Enjoy the comfy homestyle stay in the southeast side of Portland with two very influential cannabis experts and activists. Owners Russ Belleville and Lori Duckworth host this cannabis friendly lodging option which includes a fresh breakfast every morning and of course weed! There is a dab station next to the kitchen, and you are allowed to consume flower in the bedrooms. There are also two dogs, chickens, and a bunny rabbit. You will enjoy yourself and possibly even learn something new about cannabis from these two wonderful and HIGHLY educated people. They are also excellent guides to the city and can show you all the best places to go. There is no other place I would rather stay when traveling through Portland.

Make sure to stop in Roseburg Oregon at the 420 Club and check out their display of products. If you happen to find yourself in eastern Oregon Rocky Mtn Dispensary in John Day, Oregon is a great place to stop if you need to grab some product. Family owned and very friendly. Ontario Oregon just passed an initiative that will allow recreational stores to be opened up. Be on the lookout for that coming soon.

There are many other great products, stores and things to see and do in the cannabis world, but these are just a few of my recommendations. No matter what you get, remember the holiday season is about spending it with those you love and not the materialistic gifts. The greatest gift is a relationship. Have a happy holiday season, Merry Christmas and remember Cannabis Saves Lives.

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